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Look at the car, where are the decorative nonwovens?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-10-18
Look at the car where you can getdecorative nonwovens for cars.

The rapid development of the automotiveindustry has led to a sharp increase in the use of automotive textiles.Non-woven fabric technology continues to cater to the various needs of the hugeautomotive market, and its application has been growing. Automotive nonwovenmaterials mainly include automotive carpet backings, car upholstery carpets,roofs, door panels and seat cushions, trunk liners, and automotive filtermaterials.

(1) Car carpet

Car carpets not only need to increase theluxury and comfort of the car, but also should have sound insulation, moisture,shock absorption, anti-fouling, good color fastness, anti-mildew, fluff noteasy to fall off, flame retardant and other properties. At present, automotiveinterior carpets mainly use tufted carpets and needle-punched carpets(China Non Woven Mat Company).Low-grade carpets are mostly post-dipping (semi-dip or full-dip) type ofpolypropylene staple fiber; high-end cars use tufted or needled velvet carpets,and the base fabric of the velvet carpet is mostly spunbonded fabric.

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(2) The roof?

Automotive interior veneers and roofs usedto be mainly nylon knit fabrics, which have now been partially replaced byneedle-punched nonwovens. The needle-punched nonwoven fabric is beautiful andinexpensive, but has the disadvantages of low tear strength, large elongation,and poor mold setting after molding. Therefore, there is currently a tendencyto laminate a needle-punched nonwoven fabric(Needle Punch Non Woven Felt Supplier) with a spunbonded nonwoven fabricto overcome the disadvantages of this aspect.

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(3) gasket material

The cushioning material includes the doorsoft pad, the roof pad, the rear trunk pad, the seat pad, the soundproof pad,the sun visor soft pad, and the like. The basic performance requirements forsuch materials are: wear resistance, no ball, good resilience, low density,good sound insulation and thermal insulation. Generally, such a liner materialis mostly a high-looking nonwoven fabric(PET Non Woven Felt Manufacturer) obtained by needle punching usingpolyester and polypropylene staple fibers as raw materials. In order to reducecosts and improve sound insulation, recycled fiber has been widely used from anenvironmental point of view.

(4) Filter materials for automobiles

There are many places where filtermaterials are needed in automobiles, such as vaporizer air filtration, airconditioning circulation filtration, cabin air purification crankcaseventilation valve filtration, engine oil filtration, transmission oilfiltration, and wiper water filtration. At present, many of the above-mentionedmedia for filtration applications developed and applied are made of a nonwovenfabric or a nonwoven fabric composite material. For example, theair-conditioning circulating filter system adopts an electret melt-blownnonwoven fabric and a composite material of activated carbon; the vaporizer airfilter material adopts dry-laid chemical bonding non-woven fabric orneedle-punched/spunbonded woven fabric composite material; The tank oil isfiltered using a needle punched nonwoven fabric or the like.