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What role does fruit bagging play in the late stages of fruit growth?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-10-18
With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for high quality and pollution-free fruit (so-called green fruit), the market price of pollution-free fruit is significantly higher than ordinary fruit, pollution-free fruit production depends on whether the application of fruit bagging technology.

Agricultural Fruit Bag Factory, Non Woven Bagging Manufacturer, Protection Bag Wholesale

Under the premise of not affecting or inhibiting the normal growth and maturity of fruits, fruit bagging(Agricultural Fruit Bag Factory) not only isolates pesticides and environmental pollution, but also makes fruits harmless, and by means of isolation of pests and diseases, the surface of mature fruits is smooth and bright, and the quality of fruits is improved. The benefits are significant. In layman's terms, fruit bagging is the coat of fruit and a protective film. Fruit bagging is generally made of paper and PE (plastic film). It has a bag shape and a mesh shape. The size and specifications of the fruit vary according to different fruits. The color is also yellowish and light brown.

Agricultural Fruit Bag Factory, Non Woven Bagging Manufacturer, Protection Bag Wholesale

The role of fruit bagging(Non Woven Bagging Manufacturer) is in the late growth stage. The mechanism is that almost all fruits are affected by birds, pests and diseases, and wind and sun damage when they are close to maturity, resulting in a decrease in harvest or a difference in quality. In this case, the traditional method is to spray pesticides, which not only has poor effect, but also causes pollution to the natural environment and harms human health. Even so, about 30% of the fruits are lost before harvest. Fruit bagging(Protection Bag Wholesale) solves these problems because the fruit in the bag is not invaded by birds, is not infected by Drosophila bacteria, is not scratched by branches during growth, and avoids direct sunlight. Moreover, the breathability of the bag itself can produce an individual greenhouse effect, so that the fruit maintains proper humidity, temperature, enhances the sweetness of the fruit, improves the luster of the fruit, increases the yield of the fruit, and shortens its growth period. At the same time, because the pesticide is not needed during the growth process, the fruit has high quality and no pollution, and meets international standards.