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Effect of Highway Geotextile

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-12-21
Effect of highway geotextile

The complex and changeable structure of the highway and the response of physical and mechanical properties to impact load are more complex issues, which has a direct impact on comprehension, application and effect evaluation of dynamic compaction technology. Quickly static pressure with a light wheel roller 2 times to prevent the upper material from rolling out of the rut when transported. Soil width greater than the design width of 50cm to ensure that the mixer can be mixed to the side. And through the elevation test to determine whether the calculated elevation, higher than the part of the use of grader to eliminate, insufficient part of the soil. According to the design of the number of layers of intermittent nip, each section of pipe at both ends of 300 ~ 800mm pure FRP part of the use of glass fiber fabric locally enhanced approach. Each section of pipe between the use of special equipment grinding and cutting, trimming to achieve the required shape and size can be a one-time demoulding. Small-scale geotextile price asphalt surface construction can be used manual asphalt sprinkling asphalt sprinkler, spray workers have skilled operation skills, asphalt sprinkling temperature control at 130-170 ℃ appropriate. During the construction, each jet grouting pile will produce 20% of the volume of the pile of solid waste volume of waste, guide the waste into the ditch, and then covered with clay 10 ㎝. Geotextile directly above the highway throwing big block is not easy to be water softening stones, block diameter control between 50-80cm, and fill in the large stone crevice 20-50cm is not easy to be water Invaded small stones, throwing height control at the water level above about 50cm, after paving, with a roller or tow roller vibration compaction until the silt is squeezed out of the roadbed slope, there is no obvious sink phenomenon so far.

Physical Properties of Expressway Geotextile
(1) Mass per unit area The mass per unit area is the quality of geotextile, which is called the basic quality of geotextile in g / m2. It is an important index of geotextile. For any of a series of products, geotextile unit price and mass per unit area roughly proportional. Its mechanical strength increases with the increase of mass. Therefore, the quality of the unit area is the technical and economic indicators that must be taken into account when choosing the product.
(2) The thickness refers to the distance between the top surface and the bottom surface of geotextile under the normal pressure of 2Do. The unit is M. Filament geotextile thickness with the role of the normal pressure and change, the provisions of 2Da pressure geotextile in the natural state of the pressure under no pressure conditions. Different types of geotextile compression vary greatly, of which acupuncture nonwoven geotextile maximum compression.

Expressway geotextile coating and bedrock contact surface distribution of 2 to 3 meters thick all-weathering carbonaceous mudstone, drill out of the core was plastic. Asphalt geotextile asphalt surface treatment requirements of good permeability, setting time is short, good adhesion, easy to sprinkle and construction, good durability, common asphalt materials are road asphalt, coal tar pitch or emulsified asphalt. Road asphalt is the ideal material for the construction of asphalt surface treatment, due to the poor permeability of road asphalt, in order to improve the adhesion.