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A better choice for clean room protective clothing-Disposable Protective Clothing

  • Release on:2021-11-25

Whether the aseptic production is strict or not is related to the survival of pharmaceutical companies, and whether the clean room aseptic guarantee meets the standard also has a far-reaching impact.

The human body is the biggest source of pollution in a clean room, and human aseptic protective equipment is related to the success or failure of the clean room's sterility guarantee. Cleanroom protective clothing can be divided into two categories according to whether it can be reused: disposable protective clothing and protective clothing for repeated cleaning. Nowadays, companies tend to choose repetitive protective clothing, which is considered to be a more economical choice after repeated washing, drying and sterilization cycles. In fact, this is not the best choice in terms of cost or final effect.

Repetitive protective clothing(disposable isolation gown manufacturer) may cause pollution, which in turn may bring losses to the enterprise.

For companies and users, process contamination can cause major losses in the drug production process. The pollution incident in the clean room is very serious. Pollution can lead to high production shutdown losses, increased production expenditures, product recalls and potential life safety risks for personnel.

Reusable clean room protective clothing(disposable protective clothing wholesale) is usually made of woven polyester blend fabric, and the protective material may degrade after multiple washing and sterilization cycles. Our colleagues randomly selected and tested reusable protective clothing used by customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The test results showed that after an average of 5 washings, the bacterial barrier rate of these protective clothing dropped by more than 25%. This result reveals the real but intangible contamination risk brought by the repeated use of protective clothing to the aseptic manufacturing environment.

The cost of reusing cleanroom protective clothing is much higher than expected.

The cleaning process of reusable clean room protective clothing includes multiple steps, such as sorting, multiple washing, drying, cooling and testing. Improper handling of each step will damage the quality of the protective clothing. The above process needs to be repeated every time the protective clothing is used. Therefore, every step in the cleaning process itself creates the risk of bacterial contamination and consumes a lot of money.

The material degradation phenomenon of reusable protective clothing is very significant at the sub-micron level, which is enough to allow bacteria to penetrate the protective clothing and cause pollution. The quality of protective clothing has declined more rapidly than estimated, and as the number of cleanings continues to increase, the protective effect will further decline. The cost of reusing cleanroom protective clothing is much higher than expected. The cleaning times that the reusable clean room protective clothing can withstand are much lower than estimated.

Clean room safety protection is an important part of clean room management that cannot be ignored. When choosing suitable protective clothing(disposable surgical gown vendor) for a sterile production environment, it is important to choose clean room protective clothing with the highest bacterial barrier rate. Procurement personnel should make full use of various survey and research data as a reference to select scientific and effective disposable sterile protective clothing for enterprises.