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Non-oil-staining non-woven cotton kitchen rags - say goodbye to washing rags

  • Release on:2021-11-23

As a housewife, she washes herself every day. Because the unbearable is greasy. The rag is always dirty after cooking. So it is very convenient to buy disposable wipes.

Disposable dishwashing cloth(China cleaning wiping rag wholesale) is thick non-woven cotton texture. It is called a lazy rag. In fact, it can be used repeatedly, but it is not recommended for more than three days.

The disposable cleaning lazy cloth(disposable lazy rag company) has good oil absorption and decontamination ability, and it is wet and dry, gentle and does not hurt hands, and has good water absorption. It is very convenient to use at any time and tear it at any time, and it is flexible and does not drop chips.

There are 50 pieces in each roll, which is 30cm*25cm in size. It is really easy to use and very good.

Use experience:

The disposable cleaning lazy rag(disposable nonwoven kitchen wipes on sales) paper can be washed with water, and there is no problem with repeated use. Daily cleaning is perfectly possible. Kitchen hygiene is very important. Small rags make the kitchen cleaner.

Function innovation:

Washable lazy wipes, that is, non-woven towels used in the kitchen, can be used for both dry and wet purposes. It can also be used as a paper for household cleaning, or it can be used as a disposable dishcloth.

Design highlights:

It can be washed with water and dry wiped. Throw it away when you can't use it. It doesn't waste or shed hair. It is very clean and convenient to wipe. It's pretty good.

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