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Do you know what kind of wipes can be used with non woven fabrics?

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Do you know what kind of wipes can be used with non woven fabrics?

2021-08-11 10:58:56
When shopping, you may encounter the distress of making up enough money for a few dollars. This article recommends 2 magic rags with practical indexes. They have their own advantages. They are used in different places at home, and they are all cleaning power. MAX level, the pro-test is effective! Whether it is for daily stocking or as a single item, it is a very good choice, it is recommended to collect!

1. Wood pulp cotton wipes (wet and dry)

The first product is wood pulp cotton wipes(Nonwoven Wipes On Sales), which are more environmentally friendly than ordinary lazy wipes and more durable than disposable kitchen wipes(Hygiene Wipes Wholesale). The breakpoint type can be opened once it is torn. The biggest advantage is that it is hydrophilic and not lipophilic. It is especially suitable for cleaning tableware stained with oil stains and sauces. After the oil is wiped by the wood pulp cotton rag, it is only absorbed on its surface, and it can be removed by washing it down with clean water. If you rub it with the detergent, it will be the same as the new one. It will last for three or four days. Not a problem.

The rag itself does not contain detergent or fluorescent agent, and can directly wipe cups, dishes, fruits, etc. For tableware with low oil content such as chopsticks, knives and forks, you can use it to wipe and rinse. No detergent is needed, which eliminates the worry of detergent residue, and is especially suitable for children's tableware.

It can be used for both dry and wet. It can be switched at will when washing dishes and wiping hands. It will become soft immediately after contact with water, and its toughness is very good. It will not break as soon as paper is punched, and will not shed lint. It can be used repeatedly and pulled at will. Five-star recommendation!

Nonwoven Wipes On Sales, Cleaning Wipes Company, Hygiene Wipes WholesaleNonwoven Wipes On Sales, Cleaning Wipes Company, Hygiene Wipes Wholesale

2. Kitchen wipes (light stains, quick and convenient)

For some mild stains, you can use this kitchen wipe. The paper feels lighter than quick wipes, it is easy to extract, and it opens with a faint lemon scent. The formula is mild. After cooking, just take a clean stove and countertop, and it will be clean. The decontamination effect is not bad. You can use it to easily clean up places such as the usual dining table and sink.

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