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What are the differences between children's masks and adult masks?

  • Release on:2021-08-09
Now it is possible to go out without going out. If you must go out, you also need to wear a mask. This is the best protection for yourself and others. Masks(3 Ply Face Mask Vendor) on the market are divided into child masks and adult masks, and people need to choose the corresponding products according to their age. For adults, it is not recommended to wear children's masks(Medical Respirator Company), because the size of children's masks is much smaller than that of adults. If an adult wears it forcibly, there is no guarantee that its mouth and nasal cavity will be completely sealed. The most important thing is that many children's masks can only prevent dust and smog, but can not play the role of anti-virus, so choosing the right mask can play the role of anti-virus.

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In addition, apart from the difference in size and function, the materials of children's masks and adult masks(Earloop Face Mask On Sales) are different. Most children's masks are made of cotton, and because babies' breathing strength is weaker than that of adults, the number of layers of children's masks is relatively small, and the protective power will be weaker. The breathing resistance design of adult masks and children's masks are not the same. The cardiopulmonary function of adults is stronger than that of children, so adult masks will have stronger respiratory resistance, while children's masks will be designed to be relatively small in terms of resistance to respiratory resistance and are more suitable for children to wear. Therefore, it is best to choose a mask that matches the age.