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What is the reason for putting earthwork on the roadbed?

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  • Release on:2018-01-23
Geotextile, also known as non-woven fabric, it is polypropylene fiber, nylon fiber through non-woven pattern acupuncture, and then use a variety of additives impregnated, bonded, dried from plastic woven fabric.

Build subgrade in good geological, hydrological and climatic conditions. Sub-points from the material, subgrade can be divided into soil subgrade, stone embankment, earth-rock subgrade three. The roadbed is a linear structure built of earth or stone. The roadbed refers to a strip-shaped structure that is built on the basis of the route location and certain technical requirements and is the foundation of the railway and the road.

The use of geotextile on the roadbed, after rolling, the asphalt through its pores through the geotextile, reverse osmosis to the surface to form a sealed waterproof layer, but also play a role in reinforcement, improve the new ply Anti-fatigue properties. Economical and durable. If the paving machine paving asphalt concrete surface layer, the surface layer of asphalt can be sprayed, only to increase the amount of asphalt in the bottom, controlled at about 1000g / m2. Bitumen impregnated geotextiles can be changed to spray asphalt mixed with oil, the geotextile firmly rolled on top, and then spray a thin layer of asphalt, increasing the adhesion of the surface layer to improve water resistance. If the net crack, crack larger, or has become a piece, can be used to deal with the overall laying of geotextile, the specific practices ibid.

If the net crack, crack larger, or has become a piece, can be used to deal with the overall laying of geotextile, the specific practices Ibid. If the net crack, cracking area smaller, geotextile can be cut into a certain shape, the size can completely cover the net crack, cracked surface, and each side should be wider than 10cm. Often local or into pieces of varying degrees of cracks or cracking phenomenon, if not promptly repaired, will result in large areas of water damage. Is the current ideal repair material. After many years of use, the road has high strength, uniform structure, small shrinkage coefficient, strong toughness and large elongation due to the reasons of design, material and construction. Geotextile is an important pavement repair material that can contain enough impregnated asphalt, isolated from water infiltration.

As the geotextile itself is not waterproof, when the old road overlying asphalt mixture will form an impermeable complex, in addition to prevent cracks will have a certain waterproof effect. Isolation is the separation of different materials to maintain their own performance, geotextile on the subgrade to play the main role of reinforcement and isolation, reinforced mainly to enhance the material shear and tensile deformation ability to prevent road reflection cracks.

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