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Buy non-woven diapers need to understand the characteristics of quality products

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Buy non-woven diapers need to understand the characteristics of quality products

2018-01-24 11:16:28
Nowadays, non-woven diapers are a kind of baby products that every household will accept. Choosing a good non-woven diaper will not only make the baby comfortable, but also reduce the chance of the baby touching the outside bacteria. Today we will introduce, the characteristics of high-quality non-woven have what.

1. Cut fit
In addition, with a narrow crotch design diapers, baby activities can be more freely, but also effectively prevent "o" type legs. Each baby's body shape is different, so the mother should choose to tailor the diaper designed to meet the baby's own characteristics.

2. Light breathable
The use of diapers with a breathable, soft, supple outer layer ensures that hot, humid air is always discharged, allowing air to flow better and helping the ass to stay comfortable and dry. Irregular baby excretion, which makes it difficult for new parents to grasp.

3. Leakproof design
Note that the leak-proof leg shield is too tight and make the baby uncomfortable. Diapers with a leak-proof design prevent the baby's exudates from leaking out.

4. Moisturizing protective layer
High-quality non-woven diapers will form a soft protective layer containing moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing baby's delicate skin. High-quality diapers will be added to the surface of the non-woven natural aloe skin care ingredients.

5. Long-lasting dry
Guarantee sleeping baby can not be disturbed by wet diapers and can not sleep, but also reduce the chances of suffering from diaper rash. With four water lock layer and double dewatering layer of urine isolation diaper protection, in order to quickly lock the urine without infiltration, let the baby enjoy the touch of dry.

6. Super absorbent
High-quality non-woven diapers can instantly absorb urine many times to make the baby dry and comfortable, with a high quality absorbent beads monolithic ultra-thin superabsorbent diapers.

7. Soft texture
Better to protect the baby's delicate skin, only the inside and outside the surface are super soft cotton diapers.

The above is our induction on the purchase of non-woven diapers need to understand the characteristics of quality products, please click nonwoven product supplier.