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The key to melt blown cloth production

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The key to melt blown cloth production

2021-02-03 10:22:26
Melt nozzles are the weak point of current domestic technology. Under normal circumstances, the material requirements for melt nozzles are relatively low when the ejection rate is low and the pressure is low. Under the requirements of mask meltblown cloth(FFP2 Meltblown Company), the BFE that needs to be filtered refers to the estimated diameter of bacteria of 2.5UM (micrometers), and the PFE refers to the filtration of particles of 0.3UM (micrometers). Therefore, it is necessary to produce micron or even nanometer fibers, namely polypropylene fibers, which poses technical difficulties for the processing of the melt blow hole size of the melt blow head. At the same time, because it is jetting, the design of the jetting method is another technical problem. There are several technical directions here:

1) Adopting dense multi-spout hole design to improve spray efficiency, reduce spray pressure, and realize the formation of melt blown cloth through displacement knitting. Its advantage is that the pressure is reduced, and the requirement for material stiffness is reduced; its disadvantage is that for stepping, the control of displacement meets the requirements of meltblown density, and the degree of success will be reduced, that is, the difficulty of weaving will increase.

2) Adopting a dense multi-spout hole design, the spacing between the holes is reduced, and the direct spray uses the principle of gravity for self-irregular distribution to form a melt blown cloth(FFP2 Filter Factory). The advantage of this technology is that the degree of intervention is small, and the consistency of product quality will be higher. The disadvantage is that the requirements for the material and rigidity of the melt blown nozzle are greatly improved, and high-strength materials are required to make the melt blown head. This will be transformed into material science. The top most demanded.

3) Multi-point area spraying is adopted, and the processing technology for spraying points is increased, but the realization method is relatively simple. The disadvantage is that the uniformity of the sprayed meltblown cloth is reduced.

4) Multi-point area spraying and displacement weaving are adopted. This advantage is that the uniform distribution of melt blown cloth(N95 Material On Sales) can be solved to a corresponding degree, and the quality of melt blown cloth is improved. The disadvantage is that the difficulty of step coordination increases.

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After solving the problem of spraying method, we also need to solve the problem of static electricity:

1) The size of the energy input has a great relationship with the injection speed. The fast injection speed means that the equipment consumes a lot of energy, that is, the electric energy generated by the friction of the meltblown cloth will increase accordingly. That is, the movement increases the activity of the peripheral electrons of the polypropylene particles to generate electric energy. .

2) The ability to maintain static electricity is to maintain a certain capacitance distance and store electrical energy in a certain space.

In short, after solving the fiber diameter, arrangement, spacing, and generation and maintenance of static electricity, high-quality melt-blown cloth can be produced. Of course, the aging problem of melt blown cloth needs to be raised to a certain degree. This aging problem and the use of raw materials and the requirements of the storage environment have strict requirements.