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What is the difference between monochrome,two-color,multi-color and color printing in non-woven bag

  • Release on:2021-02-05
Monochrome printing:

Monochrome printing, as the name suggests, is monochrome printing, with a monochrome printing effect (as shown in the figure above, printing a single white), which can be black printing, color printing or spot color printing.

Two-color printing:

Two-color printing (red and black, as shown in the picture above) only prints in two colors. The two colors can be spot colors or the colors of the four primary colors (C, M, Y, K) for printing.

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Multi-color printing:

Multi-color printing (green, red, black) refers to printing two or more ink colors on the substrate during the printing process. Screen printing must not exceed three colors at most. Please choose color printing of more than three colors.

Cover color printing:

Color printing is the reproduction of color images or text (as opposed to monochrome or monochrome printing). It involves many steps or conversion processes to produce high-quality color copies.

Laminating process is a post-printing surface treatment technology, also known as post-printing superplastic, post-printing and mounting adhesive or post-printing film, which refers to the use of mm thick transparent plastic film on the printing surface with a layer of 0.012~0.020 laminating machine , Forming the processing technology of paper and plastic products. Generally speaking, it can be divided into coating film and pre-coating film according to the process flow. According to different film materials, it can be divided into two types: bright film and matt film.