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The Manufacturing Process and Method of Spunbond Nonwovens

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-13
Spunbond nonwovens use more and more, more and more mature, the following non-woven manufacturers to introduce the spunbond non-woven manufacturing process and methods.

First slices into the trough, and then into the hopper, the last section into the screw extruder. Extruder sleeve partition heating, slicing in the extruder after the melt into the continuous pre-filter, and then into the spinning box. Melt through
the metering pump into the spinning head, relying on the metering pump accurate measurement, the melt quantitative input into the spinneret, and sprayed through the nozzle hole to form a continuous melt flow, that is, raw fiber. The primary fibers are then absorbed by the monomer, cooled by cold air and drafted in the air, and finally formed into filaments. The filament is drilled evenly through the pendulum roller and the positive and negative pressure air flow is uniformly laid on the net curtain, which is sent by a conveyor curtain into a hot rolling mill and thermally bonded by a hot rolling mill to form a spinning sticky nonwovens.

In the spunbond production, stretching and forming process is the core of spunbond nonwovens technology, it can reflect the level of spunbond technology level. Air drafting is a significant feature of spunbond nonwovens technology that is different from chemical fibers. In the spinning corridor of the spunbond equipment, because the air velocity is much greater than the speed of the yarn extruded from the spinneret, the frictional resistance of the filament to the airflow is the main force acting on the filament, Under the action of friction to accelerate the movement in the slit to reach the maximum speed, so the yarn is stretched in the spinneret and slit between the completion of the wire in the air under the action of the completion of the silk Stretch fiber. And finally through the paving hot-rolled to complete the non-woven production process.

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