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What is the difference between PP nonwovens and PET nonwovens?

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  • Release on:2017-10-12
What is the composition of PP non-woven?
The main component is polypropylene, good non-woven fabric is made of all polypropylene melting. But some non-woven fabrics will be manufacturers to add calcium carbonate, so the quality will be much worse, if you want to use in health supplies should pay attention!

pp non-woven and pet non-woven fabrics

PP is a polypropylene raw material, that is, polypropylene fiber, PET is a polyester raw material, that is, polyester fiber

(PP) polypropylene non-woven with (PET) polyester non-woven fabric comparison

1.PP raw materials cheap, PET raw materials expensive, PP waste can be re-use. PET can not be furnace, so that PP is slightly lower cost.
2.PP high temperature at 200 degrees, while the PET at 290 degrees, PET is more resistant to high temperature than PP.
3. Non-woven printing, heat transfer effect, the same wide PP shrinkage, PET shrink small PET better, PET more waste less waste.
4. The same weight, PET nonwoven fabric is more tension than the PP nonwoven. 65 grams of PET is equivalent to 80 grams of PP pull, tension, bearing capacity.