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Do you know polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric

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Do you know polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric

2017-10-11 11:58:22
Polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric is a non-woven, polypropylene is used as raw material, after high-temperature drawing polymerization network, and then hot-rolled method into a kind of cloth. As the process is simple, large output, harmless to the human body. So widely used in various fields such as sanitary materials.

Characteristics and advantages

The important reason for the rapid development of spunbond is that it is made of synthetic polymer as raw material, which is made by continuous filamentation in the process of polymer spinning, non-woven, manufacturing method is very simple and fast, compared with the dry non-woven processing technology, eliminating the need for fiber crimping, cutting, packaging, transportation, mixing, combing and a series of cumbersome intermediate process, this continuous, large The most significant effect of mass production is to reduce the cost of spunbond products, to be stable in quality, competitive in the market, and to enter the market for textiles, paper and film in a variety of applications that are disposable and durable. Second, because of the extensive use of polypropylene as a main raw material for spunbond nonwovens, it has many advantages in price, processing, and production costs, and has greatly promoted the sustainable development of spunbond nonwovens industry. In addition, the spunbond nonwovens products have excellent mechanical properties, and their tensile strength, elongation at break and tear strength are superior to dry, wet and melt blown nonwovens, especially in recent years. In the production line size, technology and equipment and product market development of the rapid development, greatly expanding the application of spunbond nonwovens.

Spunbond production process and chemical fiber spinning is the biggest difference is the use of air draft and direct into the network, so the spinning method of the draft into a technical core problem, the previous draft is the use of mechanical draft, fiber monofilament Thicker, uneven shop. At present, the world spunbond production equipment have been used air drafting technology, due to different draft air flow, the formation of spunbond production line has three different forms, both tube draft, wide slit draft, narrow seam Extension and so on.

Spunbond nonwovens technology has been to improve the ability of the production line and to solve the non-woven uniformity, covering, feel rough and other issues to improve the spunbond non-woven fabric of the strong, soft, uniformity and comfort , Hygroscopicity and other properties.

Fine dyed spunbond non-woven fabric can directly improve the spunbond non-woven softness and comfort and other issues. However, there are technical bottlenecks in the spunbond process, such as fine Dan can increase the number of fibers per unit area of ​​the spunbond nonwoven fabric, and the "bonding point" between the fiber and the fiber will increase, Products will become more uniform, coverage also increased.

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