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What is air-laid paper?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-10
Some customers made dry papermaking paper why is air-laid paper, and even some customers say hot paper dust, why also called dust-free paper. They think that air-laid paper is not dust or dust (paper dust) of the paper, there is no dust dust paper, and this should be explained from several aspects.Dust-free paper english name is airlay paper or dry forming paper, that is, air-conditioning paper or dry-formed paper. Because the earliest introduction to Asia is a latex spray coated velvet paddle of the production process, so called gluing clean paper. This paper has a good wet and dry strength and dust can not afford the characteristics, which in the traditional wet paper making compared to the toilet paper is particularly significant.

In addition, dry papermaking in the production process using air laid technology (no matter what way), the final fiber is in the role of air into paper, so the flow of air on the product quantification, uniformity has an important impact; The technology uses a large amount of air and the impact of factors such as air humidity, temperature and other effects on the performance of a larger product, so the environmental requirements of the high insulation in order to achieve a more constant humidity, temperature And the indoor environment of the smooth flow of air. Generally used in the workshop to install the central air conditioning approach to adjust. Coupled with the production process is relatively simple, the production process without waste water and odor of chemical substances produced, the production environment is relatively clean and sanitary, so called "dust-free paper."

Now, with the rapid development of chemical technology and dry technology continues to develop and improve, have emerged a thermal bonding, integrated dry paper technology. As the process changes, the product will have a certain amount of dust generated, the thermal bonding of dusty paper dust is relatively large, although the combination of clean paper both adhesive and hot sticky long but still a small amount of dust. These so-called dusts are mainly short matte pulp fibers. Thermal bonding of dust-free paper in the company has been successfully developed and put into production, in order to distinguish between the adhesive type, it will use hot-bonded paper named "heat-free paper", and the adhesive type Of the paper named "gluing dust-free paper", but also different from the wet papermaking paper.