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The Difference Between Industrial Dust Masks and Civilian Dust Masks

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-10-09
The difference between industrial dust masks and civilian dust masks

Air pollution is more serious weather, dust masks is the most common choice, industrial dust masks and civilian dust masks function material is not clear often give people to use a dust effect caused by almost false, find out The difference between industrial dust masks and civilian dust masks is necessary for better protection.

Industrial dust masks and civilian dust masks difference:

First, industrial dust masks permeability is poor, for the prevention of viruses and bacteria is not good. Although industrial dust masks can effectively filter PM2.5 or even fine particles. But at the same time, people breathe in the water vapor is easy to attach to the wall of industrial dust masks, so that PM2.5 attached to the bacteria and viruses get nourished, so that industrial dust masks become bacteria and virus dishes, and consumers Health is also vulnerable to secondary pollution of industrial dust masks. Long-term wear of industrial dust masks easily cause permanent damage to the human respiratory system, especially for children and the elderly.

Second, although the civilian masks in the airtight than the industrial dust masks. But with a convenient cleaning, suitable for a long time to wear, multiple use, the body damage is small, and some brands of masks with antibacterial function. Through the outer layer of antibacterial fabric and the attached filter, can be against the air of fine particles and bacteria and viruses, so as to achieve a comprehensive and effective protection of the role.