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What do you know about nonwoven dust mask?

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What do you know about nonwoven dust mask?

2017-10-06 10:13:54
Dust Mask - is a protective respirator to protect the body, inhalation of harmful substances in the body, and the production of personal respiratory protection supplies. The main obstructions of dust masks are particulate matter, including dust (mechanical crushing), fog (liquid), smoke (burning, etc.) and microbes. 
Can enter the body of the lungs of the particles is very small, usually 7μm in diameter, known as respiratory dust, great harm to human health, is the culprit of all types of pneumoconiosis. Dust masks through the cover of the mouth of the mouth, nose and chin part of the formation of a space and face sealed by the people suction to force the dirty air through the filter.

First, the standard dust mask: "Occupational disease prevention and treatment law" provides:
Employers for the workers to provide personal occupational protection supplies must meet the requirements of prevention and treatment of occupational diseases. Dust masks used in contact with dust and dust masks also meet the requirements, in accordance with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Committee published "respiratory protection products" GB2626-2006 standards, dust masks, Particle diameter less than 5 microns must be greater than 90% dust resistance, particle diameter less than 2 microns must be greater than 70% of the dust resistance. The standard of the dust masks are divided into oily dust masks P and non-oily dust masks N categories; and according to the original anti-blocking performance and the rate of dust is divided into KN90, KN95, KN100, KP90, KP95, KP100 six Class, filtration efficiency were 90%, 95%, 99.97% or more. KP type is suitable for the protection of oil with oil, such as paraffin, jade oil and so on. KN type is suitable for the protection of non-oily dust, such as salt, stone and so on. The larger the number in the model, the higher the dust resistance, the higher the dust safety factor. At the time of purchase, choose the required mask for different levels of dust concentration. Standard: Operators wear dust masks should feel comfortable, can easily breathe and inhale, without the feeling of poor breathing, usually every minute breathing frequency of 20 times. Exhalation, inspiratory resistance of the ventilation constant coefficient of 85 liters / minute. (Such as KN90, KN95, KP100, to facilitate the type of mask and the name of the product, such as KN90, KN95, KP, and so on) Blocking rate); implementation of the standard number and year, filter the original type, the type of dust, such as 2626-2006KN90.