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Do you know the towel rolls?

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Do you know the towel rolls?

2017-10-04 21:54:32
Soft towel roll is a new type of environmentally friendly spunlace nonwovens. Raw materials for the natural plant fiber, the treatment of high-pressure water treatment; disposable after the use of their own decomposition, all return to nature, will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Made of natural plant fiber, in line with environmental requirements:

The current use of wet towels on the market, cleaning a large number of harmful emissions of sewage,and paper towels because of its chemical material is not easy to break down, caused serious pollution when abandoned. This product is made of natural cotton towel is made of natural plants, easy to break down and no pollution, is the most environmentally friendly green products.

The most clean, hygienic fresh wet towel: the traditional wet towel after repeated use of washing, unsanitary and easy to breed bacteria, has been gradually replaced by consumers. This product is available according to customer needs, at any time to provide hygienic cleaning wet towel, completely free of bacterial pollution, to consumers the most peace of mind, intimate protection.

Diversified re-use: Although this product positioning is disposable towel, but after the use of the towel is still a number of uses, such as mechanical maintenance, cleaning, wiping the mirror and other items.

Long-term preservation does not deteriorate before the use of the soft towel roll is dry, do not add any preservatives, even if the long-term preservation is not worried about deterioration, can be assured use.