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Do you know how to disposable face towels in summer?

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Do you know how to disposable face towels in summer?

2017-10-02 19:31:59
Hot summer finally let you taste the taste today, right? A friend sent a message, how will face red and itchy? There is no how the sun ah, in the end what is the reason why how to maintain it?

We all know that every time the temperature rise in the summer, the face of skin oil will be more secrete a point, so many people to the summer skin care products do not hurt the skin also feel oil. Sweat more than a lot of people habitually use a napkin to touch the face, more that there is no need to use skin care products in summer

Summer maintenance do not ignore the so-called summer beauty winter health is a certain reason.
Hot sweat women do not pay attention to skin care, you can understand, and some beauty of the crush attention to the sun, but afraid of trouble, only once a day sunscreen, in fact, these are wrong, if the summer do not pay attention to sunscreen, Moisture, to the skin in autumn is easy to dry, the skin is not shiny, some crush that the skin is not tanned in the summer, to the winter will naturally turn white. This is because this is because the young, human skin to restore fast, but after 25 years old, the skin into a new metabolism is not so fast, the UV will leave a stain on the face, with age, It will be more stubborn, it is difficult to dilute, so the summer attention to skin care sun is very important.

Know the importance of maintenance, do not be lazy, and find their own beauty teacher with the recipe for your summer use it!

Once the skin allergies or red and itchy situation, skin care products as little as possible, this time a one-time face wash towel to play a big role. It is the safest and most effective way to repair and replenish skin with cold water. After sunburn skin can be deposited in the water after a layer of thick sun repair dew, so that the skin quickly get vitality!

Summer often sweat, facial towel can also be used as a handkerchief. With a dirty at any time to the faucet rub a can.