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Does non-woven coating have an impact on product quality?

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Does non-woven coating have an impact on product quality?

2019-10-23 10:23:56
In the production of diapers, sanitarynapkins, medical products and adult care non-woven products(China Spun Bonded Non Woven Wholesale), it is difficult tofind the ideal improvement. Many competitive products can provide a combinationof superior wear resistance, non-tackiness and slip properties or a combination of these properties. Rollers, guide rolls, steering rods, folding ploughs,compression plates, and vacuum rolls are just some of the parts that need to becoated to improve performance. How to choose the best coating for these work pieces?

Non-stick performance

Teflon is a non-stick "miracle"that was invented 50 years ago by Dr. Plunkett of DuPont. Although from this time on, many new non-stick products have entered the market one after another,but they are only slightly better. Because the non-stick properties of the product are very good at first, people are working hard to improve its wear resistance. However, even the best non-stick properties of Teflon products donot prevent the PSA hot melt adhesive from sticking to the deflection rolls.Even if the coating is durable enough, it can only last for a few days at this production speed.

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Twenty years ago, this product, which improved the wear resistance and non-stick properties of the coating, wasdeveloped to optimize non-stick properties by creating a very hard matrix and applying a non-stick coating to the peaks and valleys of the substrate.performance. The substrate is in the form of a thermal spray applied by applying a metal layer to the substrate. This makes the surface very rough and full of hard spots, which protects the non-stick coating applied to it. The creation of the nodular surface also enhances the non-stick properties.

Wear resistance

The microhardness, bond strength and application method of the matrix particles are the key to wear resistance. Evena hard substrate is useless when the non-stick coating of the top layer isworn. As an example, carbide is a very hard and wear resistant substrate. It iswidely used as a sawtooth on a saw blade cutting tool. If a wear resistant coating is applied to the carbide, the material(PP Nonwoven Fabric Company) is too dense to allow the polymer coating to penetrate. If it is applied to a sponge-like matrix, thepolymer has room for penetration. A problem with porous substrates is that thebond strength of the individual particles is reduced, resulting in premature wear and tear of the tungsten particles from the cobalt binder. In addition,carbides tend to have sharp corners that drag and pull the nonwoven(PP Nonwovens On Sales) or hook thepoly.