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Reasons for Affecting the Breathability and Barrier Properties of SMS Nonwoven Fabrics

  • Release on:2019-10-24
The uniformity of the product is the basic performance index of the SMS composite nonwoven fabric. In general, the morespinning systems, the better the uniformity of the product. Other performance indicators for SMS products are related to the use of the product, similar tothe requirements for meltblown products. Mainly for breathability, barrierproperties (hydrostatic pressure).

Breathability or barrier properties areessential for medical and health products. The gas permeability or barrier property of the SMS product(China SMS Non Woven Wholesale) mainly depends on the gas permeability or hydrostatic pressure of the M layer product, and thus the main factor affecting the gas permeability or the barrier property is the fineness, uniformity and quantification of the M layer fiber of the M layer product.

China SMS Non Woven Wholesale, Hygiene Non Woven Materials Manufacturer, PP SMS Nonwovens CompanyChina SMS Non Woven Wholesale, Hygiene Non Woven Materials Manufacturer, PP SMS Nonwovens Company

The S layer mainly protects and strengthens the M layer, so that the M layer is prevented from being worn under the actionof external force, and the structure is deformed or destroyed. Of course, thebetter the uniformity of the S layer, the smaller the fineness, the more obvious the protection of the M layer, and the better the effect on the hydrostatic pressure of the SMS product(Hygiene Non Woven Materials Manufacturer).

In the SMS composite product(PP SMS Nonwovens Company), the larger the specific gravity of the M layer, the larger the quantitative amount or the more the number of layers, the better the hydrostatic pressure or blocking performance. The same proportion or quantitative M layer, the finer the fineness,the more uniform The S layer with a good or quantitative amount has a better hydrostatic pressure or barrier property.