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Green Non Woven Fabric: Cold, Antifreeze, Dustproof, Protect Lawn Green Plants

  • Release on:2019-10-25
When the weather is cold, everything is afraid of cold, snow is colder, and the trees and gardens have neither animal fur nor human cotton clothes. So what should we do? At this time, the tree can be covered with a covering of the cold-proof green non-woven fabric.

We know that in snowy days, people can wear down jackets. Small animals can resist the cold with some hairy hair. Some animals without hair may start to hibernate early, but for some plants, they may not The law is as cold-resistant as other animals. They can only be built in the cold winter. The recipients are feng shui and rain, and they can only endure the cold in the snow. It is possible that trees are not without life. They are also afraid of severe cold. Long hours of cold will also take away the life of the trees, causing the trees to die in the second year. The reason is that they are frozen to death. At this time, the trees can be covered with a layer of greenery. Woven to protect against cold.

When it comes to this kind of cold-proof green non-woven fabric, this kind of cold-proof green non-woven fabric(Agricultural Covering Nonwovens Manufacturer) is used in many places. This kind of non-woven fabric is convenient to use and not easy to be broken. Unlike some plastic bags, it is easy to be damaged. This kind of cold-proof green non-woven fabric has certain toughness no matter how it is pulled, and for the cold-proof green non-woven fabric, the breathability is also quite good, as long as people can feel the cold-proof green non-woven fabric when they use it. The help that brought people. Many vegetable farmers have already covered the vegetables and fruits in their homes with this kind of cold-proof greening and non-woven, in order to prevent the winter from being damaged and the consequences of the destruction of these vegetables.

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Use of green non-woven fabric

The main functions and uses of green non-woven fabrics are: a highly functional non-woven fabric(Non Woven Mulch Supplier) used in landscaping, urban green belt construction, and cold and frost-proof crops. Nowadays, it has a very high production process and can be used well in various greening constructions. It is a product with low market price and great effect. So very popular.

Cold protection effect of green non-woven fabric

The role of green non-woven fabrics(Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Wholesale) in cold-proof and anti-freeze is now used in many places, such as heat-insulating and beautiful non-woven fabrics. It is not necessary to think that such green non-woven fabrics covering plants will cause hypoxia to plants. In fact, they do not, because cold, green, no yarn and waterproof treatment, can not cause the moisture and air in them to be isolated from the outside world, but only play a role in cold resistance, so it is called "greening". Many people can use this material for greening and antifreeze protection of crops, which can be used at least, without at least worrying about price issues.