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How to measure the filter effect of meltblown filter cloth?

  • Release on:2019-10-22
Meltblown non-woven fabric, commonly knownas filter cloth, is a high-efficiency meltblown product. A microfiber nonwoven fabric produced by using an imported melt-blown die and special raw materials and processes. This product not only has the fluffy and soft hand feeling of ordinary meltblown products, but also absorbs oil and filters. On the basis ofthis, it increases the efficiency of bacterial filtration and reduces there spiratory resistance. It is more suitable for filtration in the field ofmedical and high dust operation. demand.

The good filter performance is an important indicator to measure the quality of the filter material. Therefore, in the selection of the melt-blown filter cloth(Medical Face Mask Supplier), the evaluation of the good or badfilter is an important indicator for selecting the melt-blown filter cloth inpeople's life. How to measure the filter effect of meltblown filter cloth? Howcan we calculate a scientific numerical indicator? This is a professional method.

The two main factors affecting the melt-blown filter cloth(Dustproof Face Mask Wholesale) are pressure loss and filtration efficiency. Generally speaking, in the case of ensuring the filtration efficiency, the resistance ofthe pressure loss reaction breathing is smaller, and the melt-blown filtercloth is better. At present, the internationally recognized authorities include NELSON (Nielsen Laboratories) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safetyand Health); NELSON detects BFE filtration filter reports for medical masks;NELSON is the main Test mask materials, etc., the N95 mask has a NIOSH certification number. The certification is mainly for mask manufacturers. The inspection process involves company management, environment, equipment, various certifications, and supply chain.

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NELSON standard meltblown cloth

The NELSON standard series of meltblown rawmaterials are 100% PP polypropylene, and there are four grades of BFE95, BFE99,PFE99 and VFE95. The so-called BFE refers to the detection at 32 liters of flowrate, and the filtration effect of 3 micron solid particles reaches 95% (BFE95)and 99% (BFE99). PFE99 means that the filtration rate of 0.1 micron solidparticles reaches 99% (PFE99) at a flow rate of 32 liters. VFE95 refers to the detection of 32 liters of flow, and the filtration effect of 3 micron solidparticles reaches 95% (VFE95). The machine produces a full width of 320cm and the width can be cut free of charge. The weight is 18-30 g/m2. Production process melt spinning method. Applicable: disposable non-woven mask(Disposable Face Mask Vendor), folding insert mask.

N95/N99 standard meltblown cloth

N95/N99 is the American standard. The rawmaterial is 100% PP polypropylene. The so-called N95 means that it can bedetected at a flow rate of 85 liters. Within 100 resistance, the filtration effect of 0.3 micron solid particles reaches 95% (N95) and 99% (N99). The machine produces a whole roll width of 160cm, which can be cut free of chargeaccording to actual needs. The conventional gram weight of N95 is a double layer of 50 (g/m2), and the conventional grammage of N99 is a double layer of80 (g/m2). Production process melt spinning method. Applicable: Americanstandard cup-shaped, folded mask.