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Characteristics of PET Wet Non Woven Fabric

  • Release on:2019-10-21
The exact name of the non-woven fabric should be a non-woven fabric, or a non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics can bedivided into different types according to different processes: spunlacenon-woven fabric, heat-bonded non-woven fabric, pulp airlaid non-woven fabric(China PET Nonwovens Manufacturer),wet non-woven fabric, spunbond non-woven fabric, melt-blown non-woven fabric,needle Non-woven fabric, stitched non-woven fabric.

The pet wet-laid non-woven fabric(Wetlaid Non Woven Fabric Factory) refers toa fibrous web made by dehydrating water, fibers and chemical auxiliaries in aspecial shaper, and then obtained by physical or chemical processing.Performance of nonwoven fabrics. It originated from long-fiber paper making technology, which uses many paper making processes and equipment, and is very similar to the appearance and certain properties of paper, more precisely,"non-woven paper."

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Pet wet non-woven fabric(Wet-laid Non Woven On Sales) has the following remarkable features:

First, it is a water-repellent non-woven fabric. Depending on the size of the gram, the water-repellent properties of the non-woven fabric are also different. For example, the larger and thickerthe gram weight, the better the water repellency. If water droplets are on the surface of the nonwoven, the water droplets will slide directly off the surface.