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Adhesive Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers Put Good Quality Off

  • Release on:2019-10-18
Today, I will introduce you to a non-woven fabric. As the name suggests, it is a composite product of non-wovenfabric and self-adhesive compound. It is a combination product that is easy touse and practical. There are many types of non-woven fabrics, and the two typesof non-woven fabrics are commonly used. One is a spunbonded non-woven fabric,and the other is a needle-punched nonwoven fabric. Needle-punched nonwoven composites are more demanding than spunbonded nonwovens(China Nonwovens Products Manufacturer), requiring nonwoven fabric manufacturers to be more strict with quality control.

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In the process of receiving customer enquiries, the customer said that before the other suppliers took the adhesive non-woven fabric(Disposable Non-woven Products Supplier), after a period of high temperature, the glue would not falloff automatically, and the quality problem was very worrying. In view of this situation, it is mainly the problem of glue. Water-based glue and oil-basedglue are commonly used, and water-based glue is used more because it is more environmentally friendly. Put good quality, start with glue, use qualifiedglue, escort for quality, add luster to word of mouth.

Another common problem is that the thickness is not uniform, and the uneven thickness of the non-adhesive non-woven fabric(Non Woven Factory) directly leads to the occurrence of gaps, air leakage, andfalling off with the composite of the self-adhesive. The thickness problem isrelated to every process of production, such as mixing cotton, laying net,carding, and acupuncture, which will affect the uniformity of thickness andgood quality. Our fiber is to carry out strict inspection and testing oneach production process. Quality is about the survival of the company and thequality is the necessary condition for doing a good job. Want to know moreabout adhesive non-woven information, please contact us and serve you online.