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Non Woven Felt Planting Tree Planting Bags Help Urban Greening

  • Release on:2019-10-17
With the rapid development of afforestation and greening speed, the demand for seedling culture vessels is also increasing; the quality and shape requirements of utensils are also getting higher and higher. The emergence of non-woven felt planting plant bags(Nursery Bag On Sales) has solved this big problem perfectly.

Felt tree planting bags and beauty planting bags are made of new container cultivation technology, imported water and soil protection special synthetic fiber non-woven fabrics(China Seedling Bag Wholesale), reasonable fabric formulation and strong tensile strength. Planting various seedling products with planting bags, low cost, high efficiency, strong and durable, strong permeability, saving water source, moisturizing and fattening, good heat preservation, making trees grow green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially for drought and rain in the north) And the planting in the desert zone has higher survival rate than the usual environment, and the effect is more obvious. At the same time, the transplanted root system of the seedling products is complete throughout the year, ensuring the high survival rate of the transplant, and can achieve the advantage of the expected growth of the seedlings!

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The non-woven felt planting plant bag(Non Woven Seedling Bag Manufacturer) is simple and convenient to construct, and the latex is glued on the flat wall. After the latex is dried, it is supplemented with edge banding or angle iron to make the plant bag and the wall firmly fixed together. Finally, Plants are planted in various soil bags to creatively solve the problem of planting in the three-dimensional greening construction.

A beautiful life can not be lack of green, a beautiful city can not lack green, greening makes the city life better; felt planting plant bags is a beautiful landscape of urban greening.