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Where are the opportunities for non-woven baby diapers?

  • Release on:2019-10-16
China is the most populous country in the world. Even though China's good control has maintained a low birth rate in recent years, the birth rate of newborns is still very large due to the relatively large population base in China. In 2016, China’s birth population was 18 million. Under the influence of the “two-child” policy, the population born in 2017 is estimated to reach 20 million, that is, the target population of non-woven baby diapers is more than 35 million. This is a very large market. . Compared with the developed countries, the market penetration rate of non-woven baby diapers(Hygienic PP Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) has exceeded 80%. The use of large cities in China is similar, but the majority of third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas are far apart. In the future, with the income level of Chinese residents. The improvement of the concept of consumption and consumption, the market penetration of non-woven baby diapers(Hydrophilic Nonwovens Supplier) will gradually increase. Small and medium-sized cities and rural markets are the key markets for the development of domestic brand baby diapers, and the market growth will be even more impressive in the future.

Consumers in big cities in China prefer foreign brands and buy a large number of imported non-woven baby diapers, which is related to consumption habits and social concepts, but it is also undeniable that foreign brand products are superior in quality, plus powerful The marketing ability makes it occupy an absolute advantage in the Chinese market.

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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has conducted research on the return of overseas consumption. The results show that the most fundamental measure to promote consumption return is to increase effective supply, and make great efforts to increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands. The non-woven baby diaper(Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Factory) industry needs to actively respond to supply-side reforms, systematically research user needs, pay attention to product details, comprehensively improve product performance, enhance marketing capabilities, and gradually enter the high-end market occupied by foreign brands to replace imports.

The non-woven fabric provides a core structure such as a top layer, a drainage layer and an absorbent core layer for the disposable baby diaper, and is directly related to the performance index of the diaper, and is the largest raw material in the diaper. The non-woven fabric industry is promising in improving the quality of baby diapers and other disposable sanitary materials in China. The non-woven fabric industry can develop a variety of composite surface materials to balance a number of performance indicators; develop functional surface materials, such as increased antibacterial function; use bio-based fibers to improve the comfort of diapers and promote the use of used diapers Natural degradation and recycling. A non-woven fabric production enterprise in China must cooperate with disposable sanitary materials supply enterprises to do a good job in industrial layout, occupy the central and western markets, and choose to move to foreign markets. Really realize that the non-woven fabric industry should be combined with the “One Belt, One Road” strategy to truly realize the internationalization of Chinese manufacturing.