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Non-woven fabrics introduce rice seedling non-woven fabric which is better?

  • Release on:2019-10-15
Non-woven fabrics for various productindustries:

1, artificial turf construction non-woven fabrics generally need 15-25 grams of non-woven fabrics, with insulation toprevent rain when splashing grass seeds from the soil, 15-25 grams of white fabric with water permeability The water flow when it rains and waters can penetrate into the soil, and the characteristics of the non-woven fabric(Greenhouse Non Woven Cover Factory) are environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and have no damage tothe soil. It is resistant to abrasion, water absorption, anti-static, soft and breathable. Good quality is cheaper than straw curtains, etc.

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2, large and medium shed cover: in the large and medium shed, one or two layers of non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Mulch Wholesale) of 30 grams or 50grams per square meter are used as a canopy to keep the distance between the sky and the film between 15 cm and 20 cm wide. Forming a thermal insulationlayer, which is conducive to winter and spring seedling cultivation,cultivation and post-expansion cultivation, generally can increase the ground temperature of 3 °C ~ 5 ° C. The skywas opened during the day, and the sky was covered at night. At the closingceremony, there was no gap. The skylight is closed during the summer and openat night, which can cool down and facilitate summer seedlings. For the skycurtain, a non-woven fabric with a specification of 40 grams per square meteris generally used. In the cold and freezing weather in winter, the multi-layer non-woven fabric(Agricultural Nonwovens Greenhouses Manufacturer) (50-100 g/m2) can be covered in the arch shed at night, whichcan replace the straw curtain.