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Production process of nylon non-woven fabric and selection of raw materials used

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  • Release on:2018-12-20
Production process of nylon non-woven fabric and selection of raw materials used

1. Thermal bonding method nylon non-woven fabric

Nylon non-woven thermal bonding method isone of the largest varieties of nylon non-woven fabrics. It is generally mixed with other nylon fibers by using pure nylon staple fiber or nylon. The fibers are connected to each other by hot rolling to form flake materials. The producthas the characteristics of thin, soft, fine and elastic, and is a good basematerial for high-grade adhesive interlining. It is used for lining cloths such as silk, high-grade windbreaker and down garment. It is also possible to mixnylon staple fibers with a certain proportion of other fibers, and to form are latively strong web by hot rolling or hot melt, and then embossing and post-treating. For example, DuPont's composite non-woven Inova series is madeup of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex and cotton fibers in different proportions. The resulting composite nonwoven fabric(China Nonwovens Products Factory) has a permanent pattern with good elasticity and guidance. The characteristics of sweat and breathability can be warmed or cool according to the adjustment of the ambient temperature. It is used in the production of clothing, light, comfortable, fit,and strong and wearable.

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The polyester-polyester core-sheath staplefiber can also be made into a non-woven fabric(Non Woven Products Wholesale) by a thermal bonding process.The nylon 6 is used as the skin, and the polyester is used as the core for the composite spinning, thereby producing a stable quality nylon-polyester fiber.reduce manufacturing cost. The performance of Jindi composite short fiber isbetter than that of pure nylon 6 short fiber, the breaking strength increases,the elongation at break decreases, and the initial modulus increases. The compositefiber also retains the good hygroscopicity, dyeability and wear resistance of the nylon. For this reason, the nylon-polyester composite fiber can replace thepure nylon staple fiber in various occasions, and its use effect is better thanpure nylon under certain production conditions.

In addition, the development and application of heat resistant fibers can also be applied in thermal bonding processes. For nylon 66, it has outstanding advantages in normal environment,but its performance changes when changing environment. For example, in high temperature environment, its strength, toughness and elasticity are seriously disappeared. In some occasions, it has been unable to use, and research anddevelopment of nylon 66 heat-resistant fiber, used well in the thermal bonding process of nylon nonwoven fabric(Disposable Non-Woven Products On Sales). Using nylon 66 fiber with high melting point,high elongation and high strength, it is resistant to high temperature byadding heat-resistant agent, and can maintain good physical properties at 240 °C. The selection requirement for the modifier is: under the premise of ensuring high temperature and oxidation resistance, the smaller the influence on the physical index, thebetter the oxidation resistance, the plasticity and lubricity, and Used on avariety of manufacturing equipment. This kind of heat-resistant non-woven fabric has broad development prospects in high temperature resistant garments and military fields, because high temperature resistant antioxidant fibers haveanti-ultraviolet oxidation properties at the same time, such as military tents,the use of such non-woven materials can increase the life of ordinary nylon fibers. Double or double.

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2. Needle punching nylon nonwoven fabric

Because nylon has excellent wear resistance and high strength, and has a high melting point, it is commonly used incarpets. The nylon and polyester are usually combed and then reinforced with two needles, and the final product is used as a carpet or floor covering.

The nylon non-woven fabric is manufactured by needle punching method, and the nylon fiber is required to have good dyeing uniformity. In the production process of nylon fiber, dyeing uniformity is oneof the important indexes for judging the quality of the product.