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Do you know tabletop airlaid napkin?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-21
Globally, non-woven fabrics are replacing linen and other materials, and are gradually being applied to the desktop, including napkins, tablecloths, table tops, and the like. In the napkin category, the airlaid nonwoven fabric can be made into different texture patterns and printed.

Head quartered in Sweden, Duni offers the widest range of linen alternatives, including brands such as “Dunilin”. “Inducing customers to abandon the use of linen” is Duni’s mission of airlaid, which has led to an increase in market share. In Europe, textiles and table mats still dominate, and Duniy leads to the desktop segment of most nonwovens(China Tableware Mat Wholesale). Duni's white and machine-dyed dust-free paper is also exported to the US.

China Tableware Mat Wholesale, Airlaid Non Woven On Sales, Disposable Table Cover CompanyChina Tableware Mat Wholesale, Airlaid Non Woven On Sales, Disposable Table Cover Company

European linen replacement From the Nordic countries, approximately 80% of the restaurants' napkins are linen and textiles, and in other European countries more linen is used for replacement, and airlaid growth is the choice for “premium” napkins. Italy is a specific target for dry paper napkins and similar applications because linen materials have a lower share than in other European countries.

Spunlaced nonwovens can also be used in certain tablecovers. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, dry paper napkins are a common food arrangement. In the north and south of Germany, dust-free paper napkins often have different performances, including crisp standing folds in northern Germany and softer dry paper in the south. Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East are increasingly exporting nonwovens to the restaurant and food service industry.

Napkin and non-woven table materials also come from China for sales by global internet marketing and Alibaba. The replacement of airlaid nonwovens with linen napkins(Airlaid Non Woven On Sales) is occurring at a rate of at least 10% per year. As the growth is more and more napkin items, cutlery packaging, lined baskets, all see the desktop. Making it easier for marketing is the ability to target the influence of a chain of restaurants for the country. Intermediate restaurant chain stores, for example, have greater market penetration, with around 50% and 20% in the US in Europe. Manufacturers in the United States are two Wisconsin companies, Hoffmaster and Midwestern specialty products. Hoffmaster and its Creative Conversion Consumer Products Division produce the widest range of napkins and other disposable desktops. From tablecloths and folding napkins(Disposable Table Cover Company), pre-packaged cutlery, guest towels, tablecloths and tablecovers, embossed and non-embossed, white or printed and coloured - all support the growth of the industry. Special products in the Midwest offer a complete line of flat packaging, 1/8-folded napkins, 1/4-folded lunch napkins, napkin cocktails and 1/6-folded guest towel dry paper napkins. The dust-free paper has a high absorption characteristic, allowing the restaurant to use less paper towels per customer. On the other hand, dust-free paper replaces linen to maintain the same value while reducing costs.

Adding to a pleasing aesthetic, this trend is likely to continue at a striking pace.