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Nonwovens For Automotive And Transportation Applications

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Nonwovens For Automotive And Transportation Applications

2018-12-24 16:31:19
Everyone has been in some type of transportation: car, airplane, train or bus. Whether it is cabin air filters, seat trims, foot pads or trunk liners, they are made of non-woven fabric. Nonwovens(Needle Punch Non Woven Fabric Factory) have many advantages in the automotive transportation market. Here are a few examples.

Car carpet. Nonwovens(PET Needle Punch Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) can be used in primary and secondary backings in automotive carpets. They provide good formability and the durability required by today's drivers.

Look at your car trunk liner. They are also made of non woven fabrics. Rugged, easy to shape, and lightweight, they fit stylishly into the backbone area to protect it from normal wear and tear.

Nonwovens can also be used to strengthen the tires. They extend the life of the tire, provide strength and durability, and are lightweight and cost effective. Non-woven fabrics provide better handling of the tires (by giving the tires a solid structure).

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Where else can nonwovens(PET Non Woven Felt On Sales) be used in the automotive/transport market?

Let's take a look at the product below to see if you know the existence of non-woven fabrics in the production of these products.

Audio / thermal insulation

Counter-wave pad

Supported tufted carpet

Battery separator

Boat furniture


Body parts

Car mat

Carpet/carpet reinforcement

Console/storage box lining

Covered for molded seats, seat belts, seat belts

Covering material, filled sun visor

Dash insulator

Decorative fabric

Lower door cover

Door decoration

Door interior fabric facing, mat, reinforcement

Appearance wheel and acoustic material

Filter (air purification, cabin air, carburetor, oil)

Headline news backing, covering, facing, reinforcement, substrate

Head pillow cover

Cover lining

Dashboard decoration

Insulation Materials

Elevator door coverage

Floor-mounted off-road vehicle / station wagon

Speaker cover, outer casing

Forming fuel tank, trunk lining

Muffler packaging

Packaging tray cover

Backed by polyurethane coating

Rear shelf cover, board

Reinforcement trunk lining

Car roof

Seat back fabric

Seat fabric reinforcement

Seat structure reinforcement

Seat slip agent

Seat decoration

Sound insulation


Throw pad

Tire reinforcement

Toe kick fabric

Transmission tunnel