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Guangdong Geotextile - Highway Maintenance

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-03-15
Guangdong Geotextiles can be widely used in railways, highways, sports venues, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnels, along the beach, cofferdams, and environmental protection projects. Application of geotextiles Water conservancy projects: seawalls, river embankments, and lake embankment compliance projects; reservoir reinforcement works; cofferdams; flood prevention and rescue. Highway and railway air port engineering: soft ground reinforcement treatment; slope protection; pavement anti-reflective crack structural layer; drainage system; Electrical
Engineering: basic engineering of nuclear power plants; thermal power ash dam project; hydropower project. Port Channel Engineering: Performance of Port Geotextile Use The product has excellent filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, and protection. Can be widely used in railways, highways, sports halls, dams, water conservancy construction, tunnels, along the beach, cofferdam, environmental protection, power plants, airports and other projects.
Highway maintenance geotextiles generally use 150g-400g, which has the following characteristics:
(1) Widely used in asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement and roadbed reinforcement. Both hard and flexible roads can be applied, compared with the traditional roads can reduce the cost, extend the service life, prevent road reflection cracks.
(2) The thickness of the product is suitable, it is easy to combine with asphalt pavement, and it is combined with sticky layer oil to form the isolation layer, which has the functions of waterproof and heat preservation.
(3) Light weight and high strength. The tensile strength is ≥8 KN/m and the elongation rate is 40-60%, which fully satisfies the technical requirements for geotextiles in JTJ/T019-98 Technical Specifications for Highway Geosynthetics.
(4) The surface is rough and difficult to slide. When the surface is laid, the rough surface of the surface is treated upward to increase the friction coefficient, increase the binding force of the surface layer, prevent the wheel from being rolled up and destroyed during construction, and at the same time, the slipping phenomenon of the vehicle and the spreader on the cloth can be suppressed. .
(5) Has anti-ultraviolet radiation, cold freeze resistance, chemical resistance and anti-biodestructive ability.
(6) Easy construction and good application effect. Fibers of general geotextiles are easily picked up by vehicle tires, causing hanging wires, and even when they are severe, they can be rolled up, causing displacement and structural damage of the geotextile.

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