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Do you know what kind of needs are classified for automotive needled felt nonwovens?

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Do you know what kind of needs are classified for automotive needled felt nonwovens?

2018-05-25 15:54:50
Textile materials can be degraded under long-term exposure to UV radiation and heat. The anti-ultraviolet properties of natural fibers are poor, the worst anti-ultraviolet effect of cotton fabrics, and the anti-UV properties of wool are slightly better. The anti-ultraviolet performance of synthetic fibers is generally better than that of natural fibers. The anti-ultraviolet properties of polyester and acrylic fibers are better. The abrasion resistance of acrylic fibers is somewhat poorer. Therefore, the practical application is limited, the anti-ultraviolet performance of polyester is the best, and it is very good. The wear resistance is more practical. In order to improve the anti-ultraviolet and light resistance of automotive interior fabrics, it is necessary to carry out anti-ultraviolet finishing on automotive interior fabrics in order to reduce the degradation of the interior fabric and prolong the service life of the products.

In addition, automotive interior materials should also have good water and oil repellent self-cleaning properties, good dyeing fastness, and other properties such as thermal conductivity, breathability, and moisture comfort.

Firstly, what kind of non-woven fabrics in the car roof needle felt(China needled felt nonwovens vendor)?
1, acupuncture ceiling: polyester material, the effect is hairy, the price of middle and low, many cars, vans use
2, no yarn stitching canopy: polyester material, a coil structure, with the warp knitting is very similar, is also characterized by a good elasticity in the thickness direction, high-grade materials, and now more and more models to change this material, see you use In the fabric or roof reinforcement.

Secondly, fabric words: There are two kinds of non-woven fabrics and knitting. Non-woven fabrics also include: acupuncture, stitching (mainly fleuris stitching cloth). Acupuncture and stitching are generally used for low and medium sized cars. High-grade sedans are woven. When the ceiling is molded, spun-bonded non-woven fabrics are added for reinforcement. In short needle-punched non-woven fabrics(needled felt nonwovens on sales) are generally used in automotive interiors, are on the low-end sedan, the general level of Camry for the demarcation.

Thirdly, there are several automotive non-woven fabrics
1, car top non-woven fabrics.
2, engine insulation pad.
3, car speakers and sound insulation board.
4, air and oil filter non-woven fabrics.
5, trunk luggage pad.
6, the rear row seats and other places.

The majority of cars use needle punched non-woven materials. Acupuncture, spunlace, stitching, spunbond, a variety of, see where.

Non-woven fabrics for automotive interior materials With the rapid development of economy, the variety and quantity of fibers are extremely rich. It has opened up a vast application market for acupuncture products and has greatly promoted the development of acupuncture technology. Currently used acupuncture products are: tennis court ground, spacecraft surface “tile”, boat shell components, boots, felt mats, all kinds of carpets, automotive flooring and insulation materials, filtration equipment, geotextiles , vinyl coated substrates, primary and secondary backings for carpets, fiberglass mat liners, ballistic felt mats, tennis mats, aerospace brake mats, oil absorbing materials, acoustic muffling equipment, needled woven decorative fabrics, composite materials , blood filters, automotive headliners, synthetic leather, carpet floor cushions, residential flooring materials, car boot linings, garment linings, shoulder pads, papermaking carpets, furniture spring septa, spacer liners, Ceramic fiber insulation materials, wall coverings, medical felts, computer circuit chip polishing materials, glove linings, and microphone covers.

The car roof is made of adhesive non-woven fabric, which mainly includes polyester non-woven fabric(needled felt nonwovens wholesale), a layer of chopped glass fiber is arranged on the polyester non-woven fabric, and a high density is provided between the chopped glass fiber and the polyester non-woven fabric. Polyethylene powder, high-density polyethylene powder The chopped glass fiber is glue-bonded with a polyester non-woven fabric. The adhesive non-woven fabric for automobile roof and the production method thereof are the thickness of the adhesive non-woven fabric formed by bonding a polyester non-woven fabric and a layer of chopped glass fiber by high-density polyethylene (HDPE) powder hot-melt adhesive Thin, high strength, strong design. The chopped glass fiber is evenly distributed on the polyester non-woven fabric, and has the advantages of light weight, good mechanical properties, high forming speed, strong design, and smooth appearance.