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How to increase the load-bearing performance of non woven bags?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-05-24
Non woven bags are now used more and more widely, and in many occasions, non woven bags need to be used, so we have to consider the bearing capacity of non woven bags. General non woven bags can bear a weight of about 5kg. If we want to bear more weight, we should do the following process improvements, which will greatly increase the load-bearing performance of non woven bags.

Firstly, try to use sewing sewing bags
Sewing non woven bags are much more weight-bearing than ultrasonic hot-melt non woven bags(China non woven bag on sales). Since the hot-pressed non woven fabric bag heat-bonds the non woven fabric together only at a high temperature, all of the forces are subjected to a thermal melting point, so the load-bearing property of the hot-pressed non woven fabric bag is not strong.

Secondly, in the non-woven bag handle fork
Most of the forces in the non woven bag during the movement will be absorbed in the four points of the non woven bag. If the bearing performance of these four points is not easy to tear, the bearing performance will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, we do forklifting at the hand-held area, which is very useful to improve the load-bearing performance of non woven bags.

Thirdly, the handcart to the bottom or the entire circle
As mentioned above, the center of gravity of ordinary non woven bags(China non woven bag vendor) in the course of movement will be loaded on the four points of the hand-carry. If we put the hand-carriage to the bottom of the bag or make a full circle around the bag, the load-carrying area of ​​the non woven bag is such that It will increase many times and the center of gravity will not be supported solely by the four points of the hand-held office. The entire front and back of the bag will share the center of gravity, so that the bearing performance is greatly enhanced. We have done a trial. Non woven bag of 40*40*20cm is hand-wrapped around the whole non woven bag(non woven bag wholesale). The non woven bag is filled with 30kg of bricks. In the normal speed movement of pedestrians, the nonwoven sack is not affected by tensile force.

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