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Wrap a bunch of flowers and start by knowing the wrapping paper(B)

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-09-29
The last time we briefly talked about thecharacteristics and style of the four kinds of bouquet wrapping paper, let'stake a look at the following six kinds of bouquet wrapping paper(China Nonwoven Wrapping Manufacturer).

Sydney paper

Sydney paper is actually a copy of oureveryday copybook, which is famous for wrapping Sydney. The Sydney paper willhave a puffy effect, giving a unique air feel, making the bouquet look softerand more three-dimensional, suitable for the bottom layer. And Sydney paper isthe more wrinkled the better! If you are not happy, you may wish to take Sydneypaper out! It is very willing!

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Because of its gauze material, the meshyarn gives a feeling of fluttering, whether it is white or black, it can addromantic dreams and mysterious feelings to the bouquet(Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Vendor), while the simple butnot simple design makes people look forward to bright. Suitable for theoutermost decoration.

Paris paper

Paris paper is not easy to tear due to itsunique material, and its simple stripe pattern can make your bouquet moreupscale, not only can increase the overall beauty, but also reflect the qualityof the paper.


The waltz is a waltz that was born inVienna, giving a feeling of enthusiasm, romance and joy. The concentric roundwrapping paper of the waltz series is also like a dancing skirt, accompanied bythe sweetness of flowers, to deliver the best wishes to the flower lovers.Waltz paper is a popular wrapping paper in recent times. It has come out of thesquare concept, making the arc line a romantic demonstration of the wrappingpaper, and the waltz paper is more feminine and curved, and can give thebouquet design. Bring new inspiration and fit outside.

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The hemp film is not as smooth as cottoncloth, and the fiber strength is high, it is not easy to tear and puncture, hasa vivid concave and convex feeling, and is cost-effective. It can form atexture contrast with flowers, and is suitable for external base.

Hemp paper

The fine dots and the color of the borderin the hemp paper(Floral Packaging Non Woven Supplier) pattern can be easily shaped when the bouquet is placed,whether the line is placed or placed, and the line can be clearly divided byleft or right. The fashion chic paper that advocates the British style ofelegance, as long as the random mix, the bouquet will give a different feeling.Can it have such a powerful effect, is it because "mother" is behindthe back?