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Wrap a bunch of flowers and start by knowing the wrapping paper(C)

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-09-30
Today we talk about the packaging stylebetween the other five different flower wrapping papers.

Sweet paper

The cone paper is generally double-sidedprinted, the thickness is large, and the shape is similar to the outer packaging of the ice cream cone sold on the market. The bouquet can be used toachieve a fake effect, and the bouquet is compared with the ordinary wrapping paper(China Nonwoven Wrapping Vendor). The bouquet of wrapping paper has the taste of ice cream. In the hot summer, I made a sweet ice cream bouquet at home, and it was cool and there waswood. Are you dumping it with a cone?

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Ling Xuan Paper

Compared with other wrapping papers(Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric On Sales),Lingxuan Paper has thick paper and good toughness. Together with its simples triped pattern, the bouquet will be more upscale, and one of the must-have wrapping papers for girl friends!

Ouya Paper

Ouya paper is full of European style, andit is soft and beautiful. The smooth and bright paper can be used as a separate packaging for bouquets, and can also be used with various papers(Floral Packaging Non Woven Factory) to enhance the layering and gloss of the bouquet. Can protect flowers. And with specialmaterials and manufacturing industries, this wrapper has a domineering waterproof function!

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The delicate hollow pattern, soft fiber material, simple color and not gorgeous, with solid color, simple and stylish,with a hollow texture, delicate and smooth, like a skin touch, let the visual and tactile sensation at the finger tips.

Butter paper

Fresh and elegant color, the color issimple and not gorgeous, plus the natural paper texture, delicate and richhand, comfortable flexibility and appropriate thickness, super waterproof andtearing, unbreakable effect, delicate and smooth The matte texture andsatin-like touch are ideal for bouquet packaging, giving a calm atmosphere and alow-key luxury feel. Moreover, due to the use of high-quality native wood pulp paper, it has a certain light effect, and can display a delicate and flawless texture, which is definitely a long-lasting trend in the packaging industry.