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Wrap a bunch of flowers and start by knowing the wrapping paper(A)

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-09-29
As the saying goes: People rely onclothing, and the Buddha depends on gold. The packaging of the bouquet is thefinishing touch. Wrapping paper of different colors and different materials. Withthe bouquet of the corresponding color, it will have an unexpected effect. Butthere are so many bouquets of wrapping paper(China Nonwoven Wrapping Factory), do you know? Or how much do youknow?

Kraft paper

The retro natural tones of kraft paper,together with the color after coloring, can make a difference. If you keep thetwo-color representation of the cowhide color, it is especially suitable forthe garden, forest or literary bouquet design. The simple kraft paper bouquetis very popular with wood. When you send flowers next time, remember to have kraft paper and flowers ready, the packaging(Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Supplier) can be done by yourself, and theeffect is superb!

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Matte paper

The feeling of embarrassment, like foggy flowers, gives people an unrealistic but different kind of beauty. At the sametime, it can show the modern and elegant texture of the bouquet, and its purecolor is definitely the best choice for the bouquet.

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Han Su Paper

Compared with matte paper, the biggest difference between Han Su paper is that there is a matte grain on one side of thematte paper, and Han Su paper is smooth on both sides. Unclear friends can tryto distinguish in this way!


The smooth and bright cellophane is soft and tough, and is used for the outer wrapping(Floral Packaging Non Woven Company) of the bouquet, which can enhancethe overall fashion sense of the bouquet. It can be used for the singleflowering of the single flower, which can enhance the gloss of the flower andenhance the brightness. At the same time, the cellophane can also be used as aThe waterproof layer at the bottom of the flower is used, which combinesbeautiful and practical functions.