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World market value of industrial products made from nanofibers

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Industry Information
  • Release on:2018-07-02
According to the investigation of the United States Nonwovens Industry Association (INDA), it is expected that by 2020, the market value of industrial products made from nanofibers globally will grow to 2 billion U.S. dollars.

It is well-known that the materials produced using nanotechnology are more robust, lighter, more durable, more active, and more conductive. In functional nonwoven applications, in addition to nano-scale additives or fabric surface treatment to achieve anti-wrinkle, anti-fouling and anti-bacterial growth effects, it can also provide lightweight ballistic energy deflection tools for bullet-proof garments. Although there are still some limitations in the application of nanotechnology in the industry, it has always remained sensitive in related scientific research. Now many universities and companies have made large investments in this and have made some progress.

1/3 volume provides higher sub-micron efficiency

H&V Corporation of America currently has a variety of industrial products based on nanotechnology, including glass fiber composites, synthetic leather, and filter materials. The company recently introduced nanowires that can be used in air and liquid filtration materials. This is an advanced nanofiber technology from H&V. The nanowire is one-third the volume of a conventional needle-punched filter material(China non woven fabric factory), but has higher sub-micron efficiency, low-pressure adhesion and other properties than soot. For higher performance, it can be used as a single layer of wire or as a surface for almost any material.

Ms. Angelika Mayman, Head of Business Development at H&V, pointed out that many end users in the filtration market believe that simply adding a layer of nanofiber overlay to the surface of existing materials can lead to dramatic improvements in filtration performance(China non woven fabric manufacturer). In actual fact, only by giving the combination of nanofibers and non-woven basic processes in the most optimal form can bring benefits. There are many aspects to be considered to achieve this, including compatibility between materials and the degree of adhesion between layers. , and how to choose the nanofiber diameter size.

Ms. Angelika Mayman stated that although not all materials are as small as possible, the current trend is to use smaller, but larger overall surface area materials for ever-increasing demand for high efficiency and low energy consumption.
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Pretreatment of nanofilm reduces 40% gas pollution

The British company FibeRio Technology has developed a growth-oriented development plan. The company's development strategy is to create a unique high-performance product through an environmentally sound technology manufacturing platform and provide a clean and healthy growth environment with customers. Achieve the effectiveness of global operations. In addition, FibeRio Technology announced this year that it will set up a new R&D center in China to supplement its existing technical capabilities in North American and European research centers.

The latest development of FibeRio Technology is in the area of ​​traffic and air filtration. The company's latest ReliaFlow product is a highly efficient automotive nano air filtration product. This product uses a metal plate instead of a syringe to produce nanofibers. The uniform fiber distribution, increased productivity, simple operation, and simplified mechanical equipment are compared to other solution-based spinning technologies. High-minded place. The releasable mat of ReliaFlow product has a layer of flowable nanofiltration membrane with pretreatment function outside. After passing through this membrane, the gas pollution emitted by the vehicle will be reduced by 40%. The test proved that the membrane has reliable performance. .

According to Nura Brassey, marketing manager of traffic filtration at FibeRio Technology, the ReliaFlow product is ideally suited for use in fuel filters for private passenger and commercial vehicles, heavy and off-highway machines, or for fuel-water separators. Wait for other applications. "In the future, we must change the material market through the omnipotent nature of nanofibers. In order to implement this plan, the company has developed its external spinning technology, which not only expands the range of materials that can be processed into nanofibers, but also reduces production costs. At the same time, the production efficiency was increased according to the level," said Nura Brassey.

Nano Metal Laminate Enhanced Protection Camouflage

A new type of protective material developed by researchers at the University of Texas Science and Technology is a composite laminate of a metal thin layer, a resin layer, and a nanofiber base fabric. The metal may be gold, silver, copper, or aluminum. The resin coating may be a colored or colorless coating agent of polyethylene, polypropylene, or polystyrene. The base fabric may be nanofiber or nano-nonwoven(China non woven fabric on sales). cloth. The coating additive is applied on one side or both sides of the fabric. The coating additive on one side contains a carbon black conductive resin, which forms a conductive resin layer.

According to Huggy, the head of the research team, a variety of additives are randomly compounded. According to the different energy emission from the two sides of the composite laminated fabric, the product can provide good protection against electromagnetic waves, radars, and camouflage. It is suitable for military equipment or Use by field workers. "Despite the current uncertainties in the development of the nano-nonwovens market, nano-nonwovens have gradually penetrated the market for medical and hygiene products, filtration products, energy products and defense products, which has already caused the global non-woven enterprises. Pay attention to "Huggy said.