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Do you know that Santa Claus wears non-woven clothing?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-07-03
When approaching Christmas, Santa Claus will wear their own suit, but maybe later they will choose to wear a non-woven fabric coat. As domestic cotton prices rise, the price of cotton cloth commonly used for making holiday costumes is generally raised.

Looking at the Christmas market in eastern coastal cities of China, many manufacturers(non woven Christmas decorations supplier) choose to use artificial fibres instead of cotton to make Christmas ornaments this year.

The price range of non-woven fabric Santa Claus clothing is less than 50 yuan. The price of the flannelette Christmas dress is about 200 yuan each. Many manufacturers reflect that the cost of producing Christmas dresses with cotton is too high.

Nowadays, Chinese made Christmas related products are shipped abroad, but few of them can see cotton Christmas ornaments.
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Some Chinese people living in London reflect that many Chinese made cotton Christmas costumes can hardly be seen in London, while nonwoven or velvet costumes are much more.

Despite the rise in cotton prices, some big companies still produce cotton raw materials, and their company has been producing Christmas goods for many years and is still offering cotton Christmas clothes less than 100 yuan per piece. They feel that despite the recent rise in cotton prices, they have not raised their prices. They must keep prices stable, ensure export volume and attract more customers for the coming year.

The cost of cotton also seems to affect the size of Christmas tree decorations(non woven Christmas decorations factory). Cotton and Christmas tree ornaments filled with sand or foam plastics are obviously thin. Some commentators pointed out that the reason for this is that manufacturers are reluctant to use cotton. But Christmas decorations(non woven Christmas decorations on sales) can not be simply attributed to the rise in cotton prices. In fact, many manufacturers have begun to use sand or foam plastic to fill the small Christmas pendants three years ago. The purpose is to provide more styles and styles to attract more potential customers.

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