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Do you know what new needle punched non woven fabrics?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Industry Information
  • Release on:2018-06-29
Today, many textile silk companies are in the harsh winter of production and operation. However, there is a company in Jiangsu that has a good view of the landscape. The reason is mainly that in recent years the company has increased its efforts in scientific and technological development, and through silk needle punched nonwovens(needle punch non woven fabric supplier) and other innovative new products, it has greatly satisfied the needs of users.

The silk needle punched non-woven fabric(needle punch non woven fabric vendor) is a new type of fiber product that is made of pure natural silk raw materials, using the new silk refining technology and the sericin curing technology, and directly utilizing the fiber forming method through various webs. The product has a variety of features: First, natural, breathable and moisturizing, which is conducive to skin care. The second is not degumming, do not add any chemical additives, energy saving and environmental protection, which will help reduce production costs. Third, rich raw materials, low cost, and obvious investment benefits.
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It is understood that silk needle punched non-woven fabrics(needle punch non woven fabric factory) retained the original excellent performance of silk, and achieved technological innovation, production process safety and health, will not cause pollution to the environment, to achieve silk products are not compacted, not yellow, pest control The longevity and longevity have greatly improved the applicability of green and healthy silk and changed the single use of silk for clothing only. It can be widely used in skin care, health care, drinking filters, clothing, bedding, medical textiles and Baby and child supplies and other fields. The research and development of silk needle punched non-woven technology has promoted the innovation of silk fiber materials, improved the level of industrial technology and deep processing.

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