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Do you know the non-woven calendar?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2018-06-28
Although still some days away from the New Year, the calendar market has long since moved. The new non-woven wall calendar can be used as a shopping bag after use. This kind of shopping bag calendar, which is an ornamental, practical and environmental friendly product, has just been on the market, attracting the public's attention.

Calendars are seasonal products, and sales of calendars(PP Spun-bonding Non Woven On Sales) generally begin in November, and many businesses have already begun bulk purchases since early October. According to our understanding, in a gift shop in Dadongmen, in addition to the introduction of some bronzing calendars, European-style calendars, gold foil calendars, calendars, a low-carbon environmental protection non-woven calendars(China PP spun-bonding non woven supplier) attracted the attention of the public.
Nonwoven fabric used in daily necessities - non woven calendar
This type of non-woven calendar has a variety of colors. In the function of traditional calendars(PP non woven fabric factory), popular environmental elements have been added. Non-woven shopping bags have been used instead of the original paper. Fine patterns and calendars have been printed on non-woven bags. According to the store's introduction, after the calendar is used up, the screws on the back are removed and the pages can be removed separately. When the shopping bag is used, it is practical, beautiful, and very personal.

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