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What should be paid attention to in the process of producing flame retardant nonwoven fabric?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-08-05
Flame-retardant non-woven fabrics usually achieve the flame-retardant effect by adding additives to the fibers or by coating flame-retardant on the surface of the non-woven fabric. In the production process, special attention should be paid to various details, otherwise the effect or yield of the products may be affected. .

The raw materials used in the flame-retardant non-woven fabrics(Flame Retardant PP Non-woven Fabric Supplier) are various chemical fiber fabrics and fabrics. Before the production, various fabrics must be crushed and blended. In this process, the fine fabric dust generated may have some impact on the staff. Therefore, workers must do all kinds of protective measures.

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In the process of crushing, the fine fabric dust generated is easy to be printed and dyed. Therefore, it is an important task to prohibit fireworks in the workshop. In case of problems, it will cause irreparable damage.

Flame-retardant non-woven fabrics(Flame Retardant Spunbond Nonwovens Manufacturer) are high-grade insulation materials belonging to thermal insulation products. In the production, the scrap rate of each link is avoided as much as possible. The success rate of the products is the fundamental reason to win the market. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the regular maintenance of the production equipment to avoid the impact. product quality.

Flame-retardant nonwovens(Industrial Nonwoven Wholesale) are widely used not only because of the unique advantages of the product itself, but also because of its production process. Therefore, we must pay attention to the details in the production process.