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Non Woven Fabrics to the Development of Multi-functional

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Non Woven Fabrics to the Development of Multi-functional

2019-08-06 09:48:57
Medical and non-woven fabrics can bedivided into medical and sanitary categories:

Hygienic non-woven fabrics(China SMS Non-woven Roll On Sales) can be subdivided into baby diapers, feminine hygiene napkins and diapers for adulturinary incontinence patients. There will be a large market for diapers andfeminine hygiene products due to population growth, changes in population distribution, improved living standards and changes in consumer attitudestowards disease health care. According to a new research report by the US Global Industrial Analyst, global diaper market sales will reach 26.6 billionby 2012, and Europe, North America and Japan account for more than 60% of worldtotal revenue. It is expected that by 2010 Europe will It has reached 7.5billion US dollars and has become the largest regional market in the world. Theannual growth rate of the Asia-Pacific group will reach 9.6%, becoming the main growth-driven region, with Latin American population growing at an annual rate of 7%. Because the non-woven fabrics such as polypropylene spunbond, spunlace andSMS have considerable water repellency, they can be used in the waterproof basefilm of diapers and sanitary napkins after water repellent finishing, while the surface layers of diapers and sanitary napkins are Resin is required, and non-woven materials such as polypropylene spunbond, spunlace and SMS(SMS Nonwoven Wholesale) arerequired to be hydrophilically finished.

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The use of medical protective clothing has been more than 100 years old, initially to prevent microbial invasion of thesterile operating room and to protect patients from bacterial infections. Afterthe 1980s, as medical personnel were at risk of infection at any time duringsurgery, the main role of medical protective clothing began to change toprevent the penetration and spread of viruses in the blood. In recent years, inorder to prevent indirect infection and cross-infection of viruses caused bybacterial penetration, the requirements for medical protective materials aregetting higher and higher. Developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan have started research on medical protective equipment earlier.Materials used for medical treatment, especially surgical gowns, surgicaldrapes and gowns, have gradually become excessive to disposable materials.China is currently the largest production and processing base for disposablesurgical gowns and protective clothing. The disposable surgical gowns used inthe world, 60% of which are produced and processed in China, various materialssuch as polypropylene spunbond, spunlace and SMS non-woven. The performance difference of the cloth is large. The exported surgical gown usually needs tobe post-fluoride finishing, so that it has the functions of waterproof,anti-static, anti-blood, anti-alcohol, anti-gasoline, anti-bacterial,anti-microbial and anti-fouling, and achieves the effect of shielding protection. .

Finishing the nonwoven fabric can greatlyincrease the added value of the product. A Korean company once imported ordinary hot-laid non-woven fabrics in China, and went back to charcoal, antibacterial,insecticidal and other finishing, so that it has the effects of drug abuse,antibacterial, insect proof, anti-ant, breathable, waterproof and flameretardant, and then exported. In the Japanese and North American markets, thecladding materials used for building foundations and exterior walls haveachieved high profits.

The functionalization of non-woven fabricshas been rapidly developed in recent years. After finishing, hydrophilic,antistatic, antibacterial, alcohol resistant, anti-blood, anti-gasoline,anti-microbial, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew, anti-viral, water-repellentVarious functions such as oil repellency, flame retardant, insect proof,anti-odor and aroma, along with the continuous development of functionalnon-woven application and research and development, new functional finishingagents, new finishing sizing equipment, drying Dry equipment and new productionprocesses will continue to be available. Non-woven fabric manufacturers(Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond Fabric Supplier) should diversify, differentiate and functionalize products in order to avoid productsimplification, homogenization and low-end price competition. The developmentof non-woven applications will bring great benefits to human beings.