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Why does the flame retardant non-woven fabric have a low moisture regain?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-08-02
The flame retardant non-woven fabric(Flame Retardant Nonwovens Manufacturer) is added with a flame retardant in the production, so that it has good flameretardancy, and the flame retardant has various options, so that the non-wovenfabric has a low moisture regain rate of ammonium polyphosphate.

Ammonium polyphosphate has less watersolubility, the phosphorus content in ammonium polyphosphate is more than 32%,higher than other phosphorus flame retardants, and the thermal decomposition temperature of ammonium polyphosphate is higher than 250 ° C, and has high thermal stability. It can be decomposed by strong heat to form polyphosphoric acid and ammonia. Ammonia can dilute combustible gases. Polyphosphoric acid is a strongacid dehydrating agent that promotes the formation of carbonized membranes onthe surface of organic matter.

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In addition, polyphosphoric acid has acovering effect, which can block the air from burning, and thus can be used asa flame retardant for a flame-retardant nonwoven fabric(Flame Retardant Spunbond Nonwovens Factory). The flame retardant ispreferably ammonium polyphosphate melamine, and the phosphorus-nitrogen flameretardant system in ammonium polyphosphate melamine has obvious synergisticeffect of phosphorus-nitrogen. The synergistic flame retardant effect of nitrogen-containing compound and phosphorus-containing compound is higher thanthat of each single flame retardant. The effect of combustion, and nitrogen canalso promote phosphorylation of the fiber by phosphoric acid. In addition tothis, ammonium polyphosphate melamine also has a high degree of polymerization,resulting in less water solubility and therefore low moisture regain.Therefore, the flame retardant nonwoven fabric(Flame Retardant PP Non-woven Fabric Wholesale) prepared by coating ammoniummelamine polyphosphate as a flame retardant on the surface of the nonwovenfabric has a low moisture regain.

The above content is for reference only,the choice of flame retardant and the manufacturer's production process, as well as the customer's demand for the product have a great relationship, should consult the purchase of the product.