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What is the effect of the spunlaced jacquard nonwoven fabric texture?

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  • Release on:2017-12-05
Nearly a decade of spunlace non-woven technology has developed rapidly, spunlace non-woven material performance with the breakthrough spurring technology and continuously improve. Spunlaced nonwovens technology is through continuous jet of high pressure water jet on the network, under the action of the water needle impact energy fibers in the fiber movement, displacement and rearrange and intertwined, so that the network can be reinforced, so as to obtain a certain Mechanical properties. Products with high strength, soft touch, drape, no chemical adhesives and breathability and so on.
The spunlaced fabric can be subjected to the impact of different energy water needles when spunlace, and the non-woven material with the jacquard structure on the surface can be obtained. Compared with the general spunlace non-woven materials, the material has its unique properties, such as increased water absorption, feel more plump, wipe cleaning set (capacity) dust effect is better. In order to enhance these properties to a greater extent, the factors influencing the texture of the web should be fully considered in order to obtain a plentiful conformal spunlace structure.
What factors affect the jacquard pattern effect of spunlace non-woven material?
1. fiber ratio of raw materials 
2. Pre-spur pressure
3. Tangle spur pressure and spray hole diameter
4. Jacquard spunlace pressure and spray hole diameter
5. Spunlaced total capacity and its distribution calculation
6. Transfer structure
7. Drying
8. winding

to sum up:
Spunlaced jacquard non-woven materials in all aspects of the production of the final material pattern of the conformal effect has a more or less the impact, in order to make the final product to get more good performance, all aspects of production should be reasonable Configuration and design, so that the resulting spunlace jacquard non-woven materials and design requirements as close as possible, to achieve the best results.
(1) The pattern of spunlaced non-woven material made of spunlace jacquard with low initial modulus and softer fiber is clearer. For example, the jacquard effect of spunlace jacquard nonwoven fabrics made with all viscose fibers is better than that of full polyester.
(2) The design of entangled water prodigal pressure should be appropriate, otherwise it will not be conducive to the formation of water sparrows. The pressure of jacquard spunlace should be adjusted according to the areal density of different products. The specific spunlace pressure should be determined according to the fiber proportion. Is conducive to the formation of the pattern.
(3) Spunlaced jacquard unit energy to choose within a suitable range, and jacquard water head energy and total energy ratio to maintain a certain level.
(4) the outermost sleeve drum structure directly determines the shape of the pattern, according to the requirements of the design.
(5) dryer should be used single-drum-type hot air penetration type, in order to maintain the pattern structure.
(6) The proper winding draw ratio has a positive effect on the maintenance of the final cloth pattern.

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