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What kinds of specifications are there in the nonwoven mask cloth?

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What kinds of specifications are there in the nonwoven mask cloth?

2017-12-06 15:13:43
Into the autumn and winter, we should consider wearing masks go out, one can keep warm, the second is to prevent a cold. Here we will introduce under the non-woven fabric mask which specific specifications style.
The following is the size of the non-woven mask specifications, we can refer to the production of the data.

1. Three non-woven mask size 17.5mmx19.5mm.
2. The nose clip is made of bendable plastic material with a length of not less than 8.5cm.
3. tight-fitting arched mask size: horizontal diameter of not less than 14cm, vertical diameter of not less than 14cm.
4. Rectangular masks expand the central part of the size: length of not less than 17cm, the width of not less than 17cm.

Under normal circumstances, the conventional weight is 15g +20 g +25 g, adult size specifications for 18 * 9, children size specifications for 15 * 9. Non-woven masks are 15g, 20g, 25g, and 30g of pp non-woven production.

Today, non-woven masks, for example, to tell you about the specifications of non-woven masks. For manufacturers concerned, they need to understand the type of mask, masks have to understand the material and specifications. Light plane mask can be divided into: cotton masks, non-woven masks, polymer masks, activated carbon filter core mask, activated carbon fiber mat mask. However, a large number of masks, masks fabrics are also different. Masks more and more used in life, people in order to protect their own health, will choose a mask when traveling to protect their health.