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Development history and future development trend of meltblown nonwovens technology

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Development history and future development trend of meltblown nonwovens technology

2017-12-07 10:08:51
Development history and future development trend of meltblown nonwovens technology

First, the important characteristics of meltblown technology
The characteristics of modern meltblown technology are mainly concentrated in three aspects:
(1) meltblown process is very short
Resin slice a melt extrusion a melt filter a spray into the cloth from the feeding to the cloth general distance of only 4m-5m
(2) meltblown non-woven fiber ultrafine
Meltblown fibers can reach a fineness of 1 and 2 microns, making it the smallest fiber diameter that can be achieved by any nonwovens process in industrialized production, which is the greatest feature of meltblown technology and meltblown products.
(3) meltblown non-woven fiber structure unique
Meltblown nonwovens fiber structure was stacked three-dimensional porous bonding, high porosity, large specific surface area.
The above features give the meltblown nonwovens excellent barrier properties, efficient filterability and unique thermal sound-absorbing properties.

At present, meltblown nonwovens are widely used in high efficiency air filtration, efficient water filtration, medical isolation protection, industrial isolation protection, clothing thermal insulation materials, car sound-absorbing materials and other fields. And in the above application area has a very good actual performance, give full play to its characteristics.
Second, China's meltblown technology development process
China's earliest melt-blowing process small test machine appeared in 1983, was developed by the nuclear industry two homes. After thirty years of development, the melt-blown technology and melt-blown nonwovens in China have undergone tremendous tremendous changes in their capacity. Currently, they are the countries with the highest production capacity of melt blown nonwovens in the world and a large share in the international market Share.
In China's meltblown technology development process, there are three sudden human disease events on China's meltblown technology progress and the development of the entire industry has played a huge role in promoting the entire industry took place a qualitative and quantitative leap.
Third, the application of meltblown technology in SMS
Meltblown nonwovens due to fiber plagiaris, into a cloth dense, with excellent rating isolation, but it also has the advantage of low intensity. This disadvantage also greatly limits the application of meltblown nonwovens. In order to expand its field of application, pioneer of international nonwovens technology using the strength characteristics of spunbond nonwovens and meltblown nonwovens rating isolation characteristics, through the combination of the two technologies to create SMS (Spunbond / Meltblown / spunbond) composite nonwovens production technology and equipment, with the technology and equipment continue to improve and develop, SMS products are also widely used in medical and health, personal care, industrial protection in the field. The formation of a huge industry, the advent of new technologies of this new technology has greatly contributed to the development of global non-manufacturing industries.
Fourth, the development trend of meltblown technology
Although China's domestic meltblown equipment has great development in technology, meltblown nonwovens products have also been recognized by the international market, but we still need to constantly strive to improve ourselves in order to keep up with the development of international advanced technology. At present, the key components of domestic high-end meltblown production line equipment are still relying on imports because only the high-end configuration can produce high-end products that meet the requirements of the international market. For example, high-efficiency air filter cloths should comply with international standards such as BFE, PFE and N95 International market. This requires domestic equipment manufacturers keep making progress, in the materials, heat treatment technology, precision machining and other aspects to improve the technical level, and strengthen research and development team, as soon as possible to meet the high-end product market requirements of all key equipment localization.
Meltblown technology trends have the following aspects:
(1) The fiber fineness reaches the nanometer level, expanding new fields of application;
(2) Melt-blown spinneret to achieve multi-row holes to improve production capacity;
(3) For a variety of raw materials, to achieve industrial production, such as PET, PBT, PPS, biodegradable resin and other special purpose purpose tree.
In short, we need to intensify the R & D efforts of meltblown technology, make continuous efforts to innovate, and promote the continuous development of China's non-woven industry to jointly create a more brilliant decade.