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What is negative ion nonwoven?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2018-11-30
Negative ion nonwoven fabrics are producedby adding negative ions or nanomaterials to the fibers and then combining themwith advanced non-woven fabrics. The antibacterial substance in the functionalnon-woven fabric decomposes with bacteria on the body during use, and kills thebacteria. At the same time, the negative ionic substance also has a strongfar-infrared emission function, which can stimulate the skin and relax thetrachea, which is beneficial to accelerate the stimulation and reflection ofthe ciliary movement on the central nervous system, promote blood circulation,stimulate the human immune cells, and prevent aging and premature aging of thehuman body.

The specific functions of negative ionnonwovens are:

(1), permanent negative ion non-wovenfabric emission function

The negative ions released by the negativeion syrup in the negative ion functional spunlace non-woven fabric react withthe water molecules of the body and the water molecules in the surrounding airduring the wearing process to generate negative oxygen ions and regulate theair quality of the surrounding environment. And neutralize with a harmfulmixture of positive charge in the air, thus forming a kind of miniature forestair, which makes people feel like being in the middle of the ocean and theforest surrounded by nature.

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(2) Strong biological wave launchingfunction

The negative ion spunlace nonwoven body inthis product has strong far-infrared emitting function, which can stimulate theskin, relax the trachea, accelerate the stimulation of the central nervoussystem by ciliary movement, promote blood circulation, stimulate the immunecells of the human body, and delay the aging of the human body. And prematureaging.

(3) Excellent antibacterial andbactericidal properties

The negative ion spunlace nonwoven fabrichas high activity and strong redox effect, which can destroy the activity ofbacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzyme, thereby achieving thepurpose of antibacterial and sterilization.

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(4), can release a variety of traceelements needed by the human body

The main component of the negative ionspunlace non-woven fabric product is a silicate nano-scale particulate materialwith aluminum, sodium, iron and lithium ring structure characterized by boron,which becomes a storage tank for trace elements required by the human body,forming a trace element source.