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How is the gloss effect and pattern effect of the nonwoven fabric achieved?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-12-03
The appearance of a nonwoven fabric includes two meanings: a gloss effect and a pattern effect. The acquisition of these two effects is mainly achieved by the finishing of the appearance.

In the finishing of non-woven fabrics, the application of calenders is more and more, mainly has the following functions: by hot rolling, the non-woven fabric is glazed and flattened to maintain a uniform thickness, and the surface is formed with four convex patterns (rolling Flower), forming an open-cell structure, and the like. The calender used in the finishing of nonwoven fabrics(Flower Packaging Company) is basically the same as that used in conventional textile finishing, except that the roll combination or process conditions are slightly different.

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After glazing and flattening, the products are mainly used in tablecloths, lining cloths, shoe villages, and artificial leather base fabrics, disposable materials, bed sheets, and soundproofing fabrics.

The glazing finishing is to smooth the surface of the cloth under a certain temperature and humidity condition by using a pair of pressing light rollers, so that the protruding fiber hairiness and the curved fiber are under the pressurized state, and are collapsed on the cloth surface, and compacted. , compact the nonwoven fabric(Gift Packing Material Supplier) to improve the gloss effect.

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The purpose of uniform thickness rolling finishing is to make the thickness of the nonwoven fabric uniform and reach a certain thickness requirement. It is used in products such as artificial leather, filter materials and electrical insulation materials.

The embossing is mainly an artistic effect of causing a embossed, uneven pattern on the surface of the nonwoven fabric(Non Woven Flower Sleeves Company), and the purpose is to improve the appearance and improve the softness and feel of the cloth. It is suitable for decorative materials, needle punches, wall mats, carpets, bed sheets, tablecloths, artificial leather base fabrics, disposable products.