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What do you know about non-woven fabric for greenhouses?

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What do you know about non-woven fabric for greenhouses?

2017-11-06 15:01:36
We certainly know what is the greenhouse, and now a lot of fruits and vegetables are from the greenhouse, but we certainly will not understand the greenhouse non-woven. Greenhouse non-woven fabrics in the cultivation of greenhouses and farms in the field using a wide range of formats, but many users do not know much about greenhouses, here we will briefly introduce a few buy shed non-woven need to pay attention to matters and Greenhouse some of the relevant knowledge of non-woven fabrics.

1, the purchase of non-woven greenhouses, we not only look at the quality of non-woven, but also the quality of plastic film we also have to pay attention;

2, Greenhouse non-woven fabrics are mainly used in greenhouse insulation, so the requirements for its insulation is relatively high.

3, Buy greenhouses non-woven fabric We have to spot manufacturers and labeling, so as to avoid unnecessary problems on the quality of the problem;

4, when we use non-woven greenhouses, to be properly used, so as not to reduce the service life of the product, while increasing costs.

5, due to non-woven cloth and sub-tension felt, ordinary flower felt, so be sure to make a clear point of purchase, resulting in loss. In the purchase process, can not just look at the price, taking into account the price at the same time, our most important thing is to look at the quality.

Non-woven greenhouses are different colors, and some colors are relatively shallow, and some deep colors, then these greenhouses between the specific What are the different advantages and characteristics of it?

1, color, black and blue-gray greenhouse non-woven fabric is the mainstream of the market, this product has always dominated the greenhouse insulation, the amount is naturally the largest, the biggest advantage of this non-woven greenhouses is the tensile strength strong, high density, and affordable, so the cost of agricultural products will not account for too much space.

2, red, blue and other non-woven appearance, is to meet the current changing weather appears, these colors of non-woven products due to better quality, but also the absorption of sunlight is also very stable, so from Since the advent of the market, it has been sought after, but the price should be slightly higher.

3, In addition to the color, in addition to the previous two meters wide non-woven, now we can splicing non-woven fabric into four meters, six meters wide non-woven products, these products are produced with the emergence of large-scale planting shed , Can be used completely. Can also be customized according to customer needs size, to the maximum extent possible to meet the needs of planting and breeding greenhouse users.

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